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2021 Maruti Gypsy Imagined As Neo-Classic Pickup Based On Jimny

Neither Maruti nor its parent Suzuki are likely to execute such a neo-classic compact pickup

2021 Maruti Gypsy

The Martuti Gypsy may no longer be available commercially but the simple and rugged compact SUV has a huge fan following including the Indian Army. The new Jimny mini SUV which is expected to be launched in India in 5-door avatar manages to capture some of the original model’s charm but it is no match for its ancestor when it comes to cool quotient. There is indeed something special about the convertible pickup body style.

2021 Maruti Gypsy Imagined

Folks at Mightyseed who are known for coming up with interesting neo-classic automotive designs have come up with their idea of a modern day Gypsy. Instead of modernizing the old car, they opted to completely reimagine it without losing sight of its spirit. The end result is this utterly desirable compact pickup.

The circular headlamps and five-slot grille make for a strong connection to the original car but with a modern appeal. The flared wheel arches, smooth surfaced hood and a utilitarian bumper design with high ground clearance would make for a good looking and practical off-roader.

2021 Maruti Gypsy

The rendered neo-classic Maruti Gypsy retains the real deal’s compact footprint and short wheelbase. The small two-seat cabin, a sizable load bay, alloy wheels with off-road tyres, tapering rear under-body make for an interesting looking off-roader.

Even with a tarpaulin top, the re-imagined Gypsy would emerge as a handsome looking SUV. The wide rear fascia with LED taillights, tailgate-mounted spare wheel and silver skid plate round off what is a very interesting design concept.

2021 Maruti Gypsy

While we don’t expect Suzuki to actually come up with a similar production model (although the new Jimny would form a perfect base for it), this rendering could serve as an inspiration for a comprehensive mod job. There still are several Gypsies in full working order across the country, so we are hopeful that someone would modify theirs in this style someday.

2021 Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Jimny for India

After showcasing the 3-door Suzuki Jimny at the Auto Expo 2020, the company seems to have started CKD assembly of the compact off-roader in India in a bid to ease pressure off the Japanese mother plant. For now, the 3-door version is likely to be aimed primarily at the export market but once the 5-door version is ready, it would be launched in India. However, we don’t see this happening before 2022.

2021 Maruti Gypsy


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