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2021 Tata Safari Vs Mahindra Scorpio Drag Race – Scorpio Wins All 3 Times

2021 Tata Safari vs Mahindra Scorpio Drag Race
2021 Tata Safari vs Mahindra Scorpio – Drag Race

New Tata Safari has been pitted against the old Mahindra Scorpio in a drag race

Safari and Scorpio have been fierce rivals since years. Post the discontinuation of the Safari, Scorpio landed up becoming the undisputed king in the category. However, with the reincarnation of the Safari as a 7-seater Harrier, the Safari badge is back, though no longer on a body on frame setup.

Some hard-core Safari lovers have still not been able to accept the new 2021 Safari as a Safari, majorly due to the sophistication it brings along, as it does miss out on the typical true-blue SUV feels. While we will keep the discussion regarding opinions for some other day, today, we would want to focus on a latest video in which the two rivals have been pitched against each other in a drag race.

Drag Race

Yes, the video includes the 2021 Safari competing against the current generation Scorpio in a typical drag race. The video has been uploaded by YouTube Channel MRD Cars. While the Drag Race isn’t as per gold standard, it does provide a decent amount of idea about the acceleration of the two SUVs.

The team does 3 runs of the drag race and surprisingly it is the Scorpio which lands up winning all the 3. While there could have been certain differences because of driving style, still, winning 3 runs, one after the other is commendable for the Scorpio.

In case the video is not viewable above, you can watch it here.

Facts and Figures

In terms of power, it is the Safari which is better equipped as it packs a 170 hp motor against Scorpio’s 140 hp motor. Even in terms of torque output, Safari has an edge as it’s engine can dish out 350 Nm of torque vs Scorpio’s 320 Nm of torque. Both SUVs in the video had a manual transmission on offer.

On the weight front too, both the cars weigh around the same range of 1,800-1,900 kgs. In the drag race however, we could see that there were 2 occupants in the Safari and possibly only the driver in the Scorpio. The Safari used in the race had clocked around 2K kms while the Scorpio had covered around 17K kms.

As per the vlogger, the reason Safari was losing out to Scorpio, was largely due to its limitation of engine rpm. Safari engine was limited at 2,500 rpm while that of Scorpio was at 3,000 rpm. This led to the downfall of New Safari in the drag race against old Mahindra Scorpio.

Upcoming Plans

While the video compared the current generation Scorpio with the new generation Safari, what will be interesting to see is how the new generation Scorpio fares against the 2021 Safari. With the Safari, Tata has moved on towards a monocoque structure. Mahindra however intends to continue with a body on frame construction. A drag race between the 2021 Safari and 2021 Scorpio will be a perfect competition for these decade old competitors.

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