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2022 Honda Forza 150cc Scooter India Launch On 8th Aug ?

Honda Forza series of maxi-scooters consists of 125 cc models and 350 cc models in select markets currently

Honda Forza 150cc Scooter
Honda Forza 150cc Scooter

Honda India has been driving sales really well. Currently, it is the second-highest selling two-wheeler brand in India as seen in our retail sales chart for the month of June 2022. Honda sold 2,85,691 units in June 2022 as opposed to 1,96,785 units in June 2021 with 45.18% YoY growth. The Japanese brand currently has 25.53% market share as of June 2022.

When it comes to scooters, Honda is absolutely crushing it by selling 1,84,305 units of Activa series of scooters and 26,450 units of Dio as seen in top 10 scooter post. But Honda seems to be gearing up towards launching a brand new scooter in India. As indicated by teasers, it will be revealed on August 8th of 2022.

Honda Forza Scooter India Launch

We say it is a scooter and not a motorcycle because the teaser boldly says that the “Formidable” is coming. Looking at the word “Formidable” and the stress on the letter F can’t help us but remember a sporty maxi-styled scooter sold by Honda in select markets named Forza. No, we’re not talking about popular racing games under the Forza banner. Forza name is also registered by Honda in India.

Right now, Honda has the ever-popular Activa series, Dio and Grazia. All of these products are conventional scooters and are powered by either a 110 cc engine or a 125 cc engine. But there is a new breed of scooters that is gaining popularity in India.

Teaser shared by Honda India had focus on letter F - Is it the new Forza 150cc scooter?
Teaser shared by Honda India had focus on letter F – Is it the new Forza 150cc scooter?

If you guessed electric scooters, you’re right. But within the context of this post, we are talking about maxi-scooters. Currently, we have the Yamaha Aerox 155 and Aprilia SXR 160 at the pricier end. But it is the Aerox 155 by Yamaha that takes the cake with its R15-derived engine with VVA technology. Aerox 155 makes 14.79 bhp of power and 13.9 Nm of torque. This is the current undisputed king of maxi-styled and sporty scooters. Looking at Aerox 155’s success, Yamaha is planning to bring the NMax 155 to India too. There is another Japanese manufacturer that saw the success of the Aerox 155.

Honda Forza name trademarked in India
Honda Forza name trademarked in India

Honda Forza Rivals

Forza 150 will be a maxi-styled scooter with oodles of comfort and wind protection. But design is just half of the equation. Honda has to also match the performance of Aerox 155 which is the benchmark in this segment. Honda might equip Forza 150 with a 153cc engine that does duty on scooters like PCX 150 making 13.4 bhp and 14 Nm or the 149cc engine that does duty on ADV 150 making 14.5 bhp and 13.8 Nm.

Even though 150cc is the sweet spot for Honda, we can also get Forza 125 or Forza 350 which are sold in Europe and a few other markets. Forza 125 is more feasible than Forza 350. If this is the case, Honda will equip the new maxi-styled scooter with a 124cc mill that does duties in Activa 125 and Grazia. It makes 8.14 bhp and 10.3 Nm and will compete with the only other maxi-styled 125cc scooter in India, Aprilia SXR 125.

New Honda Forza Scooter
New Honda Forza Scooter

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has not yet revealed anything about this upcoming launch. But we strongly believe it to be a Forza 150 or a Forza 125. When launched, the former would compete with Yamaha Aerox 155 and Aprilia SXR 160 while the latter would compete with Aprilia SXR 125. If it is indeed the Forza scooter that is launched in India on 8th Aug, it will become the first Honda scooter to go on sale via their premium Big Wing network.

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