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2022 KTM Duke New Colours Launched – 125, 200, 250, 390

KTM 390 series is currently the highest selling series comprising of Duke, RC and adventure range

2022 KTM Duke 200 New Colour
2022 KTM Duke 200 New Colour

What comes to your mind when you think of a KTM? A lightweight and sporty machine that looks as funky as it can look. But definitely in orange, isn’t it? Orange has been one of the most identifiable colour options for a KTM product. But in a way, the company tastefully does the orange combinations to strike the right balance. Kudos!

But that perception is slightly changing as black, white and even hints of blue are coming into the mix. But still, KTM does it tastefully and appeals vastly to youngsters. Truth be told, orange wheels are a little too much for my taste. KTM has been listening to feedback from people like me too and hence 390 Duke now doesn’t get orange wheels. Let’s take a look at what all is new.

KTM Colourways Updated

Let us start with 390 series as it is the highest-selling of all KTMs. For MY2022, KTM RC 390 and 390 Adventure get black wheels. But the same was not translated to 390 Duke as it still has orange wheels since its inception 9 years ago. But now, 390 Duke gets two new colorways, Dark Galvano and Liquid Metal.

Liquid Metal gets orange majorly including the frame, but has blue and black highlights while the sub-frame and wheels are now black. Dark Galvano looks the best of all KTM Duke colourways, I should say. Coming to 250, 200 and 125 Duke, and Husqvarna Svartpilen 250, they all get one new colourways each while 390 got two. Hey, 390 Duke has bragging rights, okay?

2022 KTM Duke 390 New Colour
2022 KTM Duke 390 New Colour

Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 gets a new black/blue/beige colourway that replaces the one currently on sale. 250 Duke gets a grey/black shade that is called Ebony Black and it is accentuated by subtle orange.

I literally rubbed my eyes twice to see one of the most subtle colour schemes that KTM ever offered. It is called Drak Galvano and 390 gets it for the first time now. It looks stealthy and immaculate at the same time. Silver colour is axed, though.

125 & 200 Duke

200 Duke and 125 Duke also get one colourways each. 200 Duke gets a new grey colour that acts as the base while a combination of blue/white/orange goes on top. This colourway gets is called Dark Silver Metallic and gets a black frame coupled with a black subframe along with orange wheels. Electric Orange colourway is carried over as is. But the Ceramic White colourway that was offered before, is no more with 200 Duke.

2022 KTM Duke 125 New Colour
2022 KTM Duke 125 New Colour

KTM’s smallest machine gets the flashiest colour of all KTM Duke colourways. Again, tastefully done and executed too. It is a tasty white subframe along with a black frame and orange wheels. The colourway is white/orange/blue and is called Ceramic White similar to one offered with 200 Duke. It looks very funky and youthful. Just like its bigger sibling 200 Duke, Electric Orange is carried over too. Mechanically, all bikes are identical.

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