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2022 Mahindra Scorpio New Teaser – Front Grille, More Details

Mahindra Scorpio is getting ready for a grand launch sometime next month – New teaser has been released today

2022 Mahindra Scorpio New Teaser
2022 Mahindra Scorpio New Teaser

Mahindra recently released a teaser voiced by Amitabh Bachan. In the teaser, Mahindra makes it clear that new Scorpio will be a D-segment SUV. It was launched in 2002. Fast forward 20 years, it is set to be launched in its new generation guise. Ahead of its debut next month, a new teaser has been revealed today.

Most interesting revelation in a recent spy video that surfaced on YouTube channel, The Automobile Experts, is that the car might be an FWD Scorpio. It also gives a lot of insights towards the mechanicals of upcoming D-segment SUV. Most importantly, it reveals power output of 2.2L diesel engine of the test vehicle in question.

New Mahindra Scorpio Teaser

In the recent spy video, Scorpio was a part of a pack consisting of other Mahindra test vehicles going through altitude testing. Starting with the front, it will get Mahindra’s newer logo for SUVs, which debuted with XUV700.

Most interesting part of this video is the label on front windshield. It reveals most of the powertrain details of that specific model. For starters, DSL indicates diesel powertrain and 130 MT indicates a 130 bhp engine with manual transmission. This means that power output from the 2.2L diesel engine is only making 130 bhp of power which is identical to what Mahindra Thar generates from similar engine.

But similar engine on XUV700 comes with 153 bhp on lower variants and 182 bhp on higher variants. Mahindra hasn’t revealed if lower state of tune on diesel engine found on the Scorpio under testing, is only for lower variants or across the range.

Lastly, 2WD means only two of the wheels are driven by the engine. But question arises, which wheels? Front wheels or rear? YouTuber who shot the spy video claims that there was no differential on the rear axle. If his claims are true, 2WD variants can be front wheel driven instead of rear wheels. Mahindra has experimented with front-wheel-drive architecture on ladder-frame chassis on Marazzo. This might be the first FWD Scorpio ever made by Mahindra.

2022 Scorpio Exteriors

Car in the spy video seems to be a Scorpio base variant or one of the lower variants. Headlights are normal reflector units with halogen bulbs, lower bumper has C-shaped black plastic inserts in place of the LED DRLs, fog lamps are absent and the wheel cover clad steel-wheels look puny on this mammoth SUV. Higher variants will be equipped with bigger wheels to go with the ‘Big Daddy’ appeal, as seen in the latest teaser.

2022 Mahindra Scorpio New Teaser
2022 Mahindra Scorpio New Teaser

Basic silhouette of the newer model will remain true to butch-looking model it is replacing. Beltline receives a minor kink originating from C-pillar to D-pillar and across the tailgate. Side-hinged tailgate is also slightly different from the outgoing model.

Launch and Price

In the above teaser, Mahindra makes it clear that the new Scorpio will be a D-segment SUV which means it will be a lot bigger than the 4.4m long Scorpio it is replacing. We can expect 200 to 300mm increase in length as it is marketed as ‘Big Daddy of SUVs’. Scorpio is set to be unveiled in the month of June. Price details and launch details are yet unknown.

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