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2022 Maruti Brezza SUV – Top 10 New Features Detailed

Maruti Suzuki has prepped the new Brezza in such a way that it should be overall best package in the segment

New Maruti Brezza - Top 10 Features
New Maruti Brezza – Render

Maruti is getting ready to launch a bunch of new age SUVs in India. Maruti’s SUV-launch offensive strategy will officially kick start with the new 2022 Brezza on 30th June 2022. Like hatchbacks and MPVs, Maruti Suzuki aims to dominate the SUV space.

Maruti Suzuki is creating a separate identity for 2022 Brezza by knocking off Vitara suffix. They have added a plethora of features on the Brezza expecting it to make a dent in the segment. Let’s take a look at the top 10 features.

1. Sunroof

In hot and humid India, we already have a lot of sun. But, the sunroof has been pitted as a luxury feature and is quite trending too. Even though most of us don’t need it, we do love it. But conversely speaking, it adds value to the car when the weather is lovely and the conditions are just right to let the elements in. 2022 Brezza gets an electric sunroof with tilt function.

2. 6 Airbags

Maruti Suzuki has never had more than 2 airbags in their entire lifespan (excluding cars like Kizashi and the likes). But that chanced with the new Baleno launched earlier this year. Now, Maruti is going to add same 6 airbags feature to Brezza. This will help Maruti claim the 2022 Brezza as a safer car than the model it replaces which only had 2 airbags.

2022 Maruti Brezza Sunroof
2022 Maruti Brezza Sunroof

3. 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Gone are the days when every Maruti Suzuki automatic transmission (excluding AMTs) only comprised 4 gears. It was vastly inferior and felt like it belonged to an era gone by. Maruti Suzuki has replaced that with a brand new 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission that promises smooth shifts. The automatic variants also get paddle shifters for the first time for Maruti Suzuki.

4. In-car Entertainment

Brezza used to get a small and lack-luster touchscreen infotainment system. But that is replaced with a free standing 9” infotainment system with smartphone connectivity as before. Maruti Suzuki has taken inspiration from Nexon’s JBL and Sonet’s Bose speakers and have got Arkamys to tune 2022 Brezza’s speakers. SmartPlay Pro and Smartplay Studio makes sure that customers get a slick UI for the touchscreen.

5. Connected Car Tech

Maruti Suzuki has been working on providing its customers with connected car technology. We have seen this with Ertiga and Baleno and now it is time to implement the same on their SUV. Brezza gets 40+ connected car features in the form of Suzuki Connect, OTA updates, voice assistant with trigger ‘Hi Suzuki’ and also voice greetings.

2022 Maruti Brezza - 9 inch touchscreen
2022 Maruti Brezza – 9 inch touchscreen

6. Premium Interior

Brezza is set to get a complete overhaul in terms of its interiors. This is because, interiors were one of the biggest chink in Brezza’s armour as the interiors felt cheap and low rent and didn’t belong in a segment that Brezza fell in. With the new 2022 Brezza, Maruti Suzuki has provided an attractive looking interior that will also feel good to the touch.

7. Heads-up Display (HUD)

A HUD that comes as standard by factory is one of the best features around. Because it puts crucial info in the driver’s peripheral vision without having to take their eyes off the road even for a split second. Brezza’s HUD shows vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel level, current gear and even navigation.

2022 Maruti Brezza - Head up display
2022 Maruti Brezza – Head up display

8. K15C Smart Hybrid Engine

Even though it is the same 1.5L engine as the previous Brezza, it gets modern tech and components as we saw with the new Ertiga and XL6. It gets Duel Jet tech which ensures smoother fueling, Dual VVT ensuring cleaner engine operation and Smart hybrid technology with dual battery setup. Maruti Suzuki also promises lower NVH levels owing to optimised engine mounts and a resonator for the intake.

9. Tilt & Telescopic Steering Adjustment

Once you experience telescopic steering adjustment and go back to a car that only offers tilt adjustment is a big bummer. Especially for tall drivers that want to get the driving position just right. Telescopic steering was available in the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross and now the company has given this underrated functionality to Brezza.

2022 Maruti Brezza - 360 Camera
2022 Maruti Brezza – 360 Camera

10. Rear AC Vents

This is a boon to hot and humid India, especially for rear seat passengers. It was missing in the previous model and now the company has added it to the new Brezza. It makes the climate control system work more efficiently as cold air is circulated better throughout the cabin and also helps in quick cooling of the entire cabin.

11. Bonus Feature – 360-degree Parking Camera

For customers with tight parking areas, this is a boon. Only the top-spec variants get this feature though. It has cameras all around to record footage and then with the help of clever software, stitch the footage together and make a bird’s eye view. It is one of the most underrated features on a vehicle.

These are the top features on the new 2022 Brezza according to us and even though Maruti Suzuki has given it a thorough update, we feel like it could have done more. For starters, it could have gotten reclining rear seat which is offered on new Venue. It could have come with ventilated front seats like Sonet and Nexon. When launched, it will lock horns against Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Mahindra XUV300 and the upcoming Toyota Urban Cruiser that will be a rebadged Brezza.

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