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2023 Chetak Premium Edition Launch Price Rs 1.52 L – 3 Colours

Bajaj Auto Ltd Progresses Key Initiatives for 2W EV Business with 2023 Chetak Premium Edition Launch

2023 Chetak Premium Edition
2023 Chetak Premium Edition

Bajaj Auto Ltd is making strides in the electric vehicle (EV) business. Reliant on several key initiatives aimed at scaling and improving quality. One of the latest developments is the launch of 2023 Chetak Premium Edition in three new colours – Matte Coarse Grey, Matte Caribbean Blue, and Satin Black. Base variant of Chetak is priced from Rs 1.22 lakh. All prices are ex-sh, Bangalore.

2023 Chetak Premium Edition boasts an all-metal body, with premium materials used for detailing. The large new all-colour LCD display console provides vehicle information. Dual-toned seat, body-coloured rear view mirrors, grab rail and pillion footrest castings are in satin black finish. Adding to the e-scooter’s sleek appearance. Headlamp casing, blinkers, and central trims are in charcoal black finish for added sophistication.

Improved Cost Efficiency and Availability – Scaled upto 10k Chetak e-scooters per month

Bajaj Auto Ltd is also focused on cost efficiency to improve customer accessibility. And has undertaken supply chain restructuring and development programmes with key vendors. Bajaj Auto Ltd is now able to produce 10,000+ units of Chetak per month, while keeping final product costs in check. It’s inevitable that Chetak’s per month sales volume is now set to peak.

Bookings for 2023 Chetak Premium Edition are open, with deliveries scheduled for April 2023 onward. Chetak dealership network spans 60+ cities. Planned dealership network expansion is at about 100 stores in 85 cities by March 2023 end. Additionally, there are 40+ stores that serve as exclusive Experience Centres, while Chetak dealerships also double up as exclusive service centres.

2023 Chetak Premium Edition
2023 Chetak Premium Edition

Partnership with Yulu for Last-Mile Urban Mobility

Bajaj Auto Ltd is also making strides in the last-mile micro-mobility sector. A partnership with Yulu resulted in 2 products – Miracle GR and DeX GR. Designed and manufactured by Bajaj Auto Ltd, they are the newest e-scooters in last-mile urban mobility.

Overall, the robust work done on the EV supply chain has been crucial in enabling Bajaj Auto to scale up. This helped meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. And initiate manufacturing for Yulu. With a strengthened supply chain and drive efficiencies, Bajaj can continue to innovate and grow. And all along, pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future.

Bajaj Auto Ltd is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the EV industry

Overall, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This has resulted in numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening the EV supply chain. Including raw material sourcing and component manufacturing, to vehicle assembly and distribution.

2023 Chetak Premium Edition
2023 Chetak Premium Edition

As a result of this robust work, Bajaj has now commenced its EV business scale-up phase. This progress, along with a secure outlook for the industry, has enabled 2W EV companies to expand their networks and ensure availability of products across different segments and price points

Furthermore, the significant efficiencies achieved in the EV supply chain enables manufacturers to streamline their processes and reduce costs. Which means more competitive pricing for consumers. This positions Bajaj Auto Ltd well to harness the opportunity unfolding for EVs and continue to drive growth in the coming years.

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