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2023 Verna Vs City FL Vs Ciaz Vs Virtus Vs Slavia – Engine Specs, Size, Features

Launching on March 21st, new Hyundai Verna Vs Rivals comparo lends an interesting perspective as to how better it is as opposed to its predecessor

2023 Hyundai Verna
2023 Hyundai Verna

Hyundai entered the c-segment sedan space with 1st generation Verna. Fast forwarding to 2023, sedans in this space have had a complete overhaul in terms of length and features. We’re talking about length well over 4.550 mm. Hyundai is launching the new gen Verna on the 21st of this month. To match rivals, Verna has grown in size and has climbed up the ladder where premiumness is concerned. Now that most specs are out, a comparison with its arch-rivals is inevitable. Let’s see if Verna has got the substance to take the fight to well-established rivals like City and Slavia.

Hyundai Verna Vs Rivals

The current crop of C-segment sedans in this list includes Honda City City 5th gen, Skoda Slavia and VW Virtus. In terms of dimensions, the new Verna is larger than its predecessor measuring just 4440mm. That said, Honda City is the longest at 4583mm and both German offerings are the tallest and offer most ground clearance at 179 mm. Hyundai Verna is widest at 1765mm and has the longest wheelbase at 2670mm.

2023 Verna vs Rivals
2023 Verna vs Rivals

Verna’s boot is the largest at 528L, followed by Germans with 521L of luggage carrying capacity. When compared to just 480L of previous Verna, now taken down from the company website, this is a huge improvement. Hyundai has not disclosed Verna’s kerb weight, but Germans are likely to be the heaviest offerings at 1278 kg. Pre-facelift City weighed up to 1153 kg with a petrol engine. Facelifted City’s weight is not yet disclosed.

In powertrains with top-spec trims, Hyundai seems to have an edge over all of its rivals including Slavia and Virtus. A new 1.5L T-GDi petrol engine develops 158 bhp of power and 253 Nm of torque, highest on this list. Verna now dethrones Slavia and Virtus, which were revered as the de-facto sedan for enthusiasts. Ciaz is the least appealing powertrain with just 103 bhp and 138 Nm. A 4-speed AT offered with Ciaz comes off as an ancient relic as opposed to modern DCTs, DSGs, 8-step CVTs, etc.

2023 Verna vs Rivals
2023 Verna vs Rivals

2023 Verna Vs City FL Vs Ciaz Vs Virtus Vs Slavia

All C-segment sedans have an FWD layout and 16” wheels. New Verna’s tyre sizes are not yet out. The rest get 55 profile tyres on top-spec variants. Because Slavia and Virtus get 205-section tyres, they boast the highest ground clearance too, at 179mm. Slavia’s 10” infotainment screen and fully digital driver’s screen were removed, making Virtus the most feature-loaded vehicle in this segment.

That will change on March 21st as Verna is likely to be the most feature-loaded when launched. Historically, Hyundai is known to stuff features in its cars. As of now, Slavia, Virtus, old Verna and City get a sunroof. Ventilated seats are not a part of Ciaz and City, while the rest get it. Ciaz lacks wireless charger and telescopic steering adjustment too and gets the smallest 7” infotainment.

None of the C-segment sedans have been crash tested by GNCAP as of now. But vehicles made in India or similar to Indian-spec are tested by Latin NCAP and ASEAN NCAP. Virtus scores a brilliant 5 stars in Latin NCAP and Slavia should get similar ratings. City scores 5 stars and Ciaz scores 4 stars in ASEAN NCAP.

Except for Ciaz, all sedans will offer side and curtain airbags taking the count to 6. ADAS tech is currently offered only with City facelift, making it the most affordable car in India with ADAS. Hyundai’s approach towards ADAS tech in its variant lineup is yet to be revealed.

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