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2024 Maruti Swift, Dzire Strong Hybrid To Deliver 35 To 40 Kmpl Mileage

The magic number of up to 40 km/l that Swift and Dzire strong hybrid variants may register, are yet to be tested by ARAI

New Gen Maruti Swift Mileage 40 kmpl Hybrid
New Gen Maruti Swift Render by Motor1

With fuel prices on the rise, demand for cars that cost less per km is on the rise. To some extent, CNG fuel has helped solve this issue. But then CNG prices are also on the rise. Electric vehicles are there, but they are a bit too expensive currently, and miss out on charging infrastructure. At such a time, more and more manufacturers are shifting their focus towards strong hybrid tech.

In a country that is obsessed with running its vehicles with least possible fuel, Maruti Suzuki is probably the first genie wish of most people. It is right to do so too. No one wants to burn a hole in their pocket by daily-driving a car that does not deliver decent mileage.

Maruti Swift Strong Hybrid, Dzire Strong Hybrid

Existing Swift and Dzire are among the best-selling cars from Maruti. They struck the right balance between offering features and performance along with economical pricing. It has now emerged that the next gen Maruti Swift and Dzire will come with strong hybrid tech.

Internally known as YED, Swift and Dzire platform is set to get brand new engine too. This is a 1.2L unit codenamed Z12E that has 3 cylinders. Unlike the 4-cylinder architecture that K12C engine has, which currently does duties in both Swift and Dzire. Strong hybrid tech for next gen Dzire and Swift, is said to be sourced from Toyota, Maruti’s technology partner.

2023 Maruti Swift New Gen
2024 Maruti Swift New Gen

These electric hybrid components are likely to be similar to ones that are found in HyRyder and Grand Vitara strong hybrid variants. Makes sense too as they’re already localised. Strong hybrid versions of upcoming Swift / Dzire will be more expensive than the non-hybrid versions. Right now, a strong hybrid variant of Grand Vitara or HyRyder costs around Rs. 2.6 lakh more than its mild hybrid counterparts. The difference between hybrid and non-hybrid versions of Swift / Dzire is expected to be a lot lesser.

The reason – economies of scale. Maruti produces about 30k-40k units of Swift and Dzire every month. With more sales, the cost of manufacturing is likely to go down. A person with the know-how of this development has reportedly revealed that Maruti is pushing hybrid tech to cover a third of the sales of Swift / Dzire.

By the time YED hits the market, which is set for 2024, Maruti might bring this cost gap close to Rs. 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh. When launched, Swift and Dzire will be first among budget hatchbacks and sedans to get strong hybrid tech. Hybrids are likely to be reserved for top-spec trims only.

Up To 40 Km/l Mileage

Now coming to the magic number, it is reported that Swift and Dzire hybrid are expected to be the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the country. Figures are expected to reach 35 km/l to 40 km/l. This would be a huge bump in fuel economy. In contrast, figures for Swift and Dzire which stand at 22.56 km/l and 24.1 km/l respectively.

Apart from benefits to customers, high fuel economy and low CO2 emissions also benefit Maruti Suzuki’s CAFE rating (Corporate Average Fuel Economy). Hybrids are awarded more points in CAFE II scoring system too. Win-win both ways. Swift and Dzire with strong hybrid tech will see the light of day in 2024. Until then, Grand Vitara SUV leads the fuel economy charts with 27.97 km/l.


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