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21 punctures in a single tyre, fixing cost INR 2,650 – How puncture shops are fleecing you

Two days back my boss was going back to home at Pune with Maruti Ciaz. As he crossed the university circle on d way to pashan 2 bikers overtook from left side and indicated that the car wheel is punctured, then he felt, they may be good citizens (mistake-1) and possibly wheel has low pressure then he decided to stop near puncture wala at pashan road, and asked a puncturewala to check for air pressure. He was standing next to him to watch the pressure, Puncturewala said, “Saab isme 5 point pressure hai, puncture hai banana padega (Sir, this wheel has low pressure and it must be checked for puncture)” He agreed with his point (Mistake-3) as he din’t have option.

He put car on jack and removed wheel and passed onto the another guy-2, The first guy engaged him in discussion of car excel rusting, bla..bla and He also involved in the discussion (mistake-4), after some moment the Guy-2 called, Sir puncturedekh lijiye (Sir, please come and see the puncture), he told 1 puncture repairing would cost 120 bucks, He said okay. He started putting water over tube-less tyre, (a simple method to detect puncture) there was 1 puncture, he repaired, then he found 2nd, he repaired, then 3rd….4th…5…6…7…..8 Somehow, he found 21 punctures in front tyre of right side he asked why so many, he simply answered, “Saabaapne kam hawa me chalaya na (Sir, you run you car in low pressure). He repaired it one by one, If he could know the total number first, he would have stopped him for repairing. The total cost was around 2650/-

When he came back home, he felt something wrong happened with him and he saw both the front tyres got flat again he went to the other puncture wala… said left side mein 28 punctures hai….that was all done by the first puncture wala
Appox 49 punctures in front two tyers impossible to believe….

Then next day we all have decided to do a live trapping of that puncture wala…. one of our collegue went to the same puncture wala with low pressure on one of the tyre then hona kya tha the same instance got repeated with him 18 punctures in a very new tyre and we have done all the video recording step by step…..not only that with the help of local cops we have caught them red handedly and all 3 puncture wala got arrested by police and they confessed that they do it to earn money as they got targets from their owner and they are getting the salary of Rs 6000 monthly

We have filled an written complaint with Pashan police chowky under section 427 but because of non cognizable offence they manage to get escaped and very next day they have again started this scandal …

Similar incident happened with so many people in that spot

These are actually gang, operating in group, including those bikers and their modus operandiis simply engage you in discussion and other guy damages the tyre.

I also read there are 3 methods which they use to show you puncture:

1. Putting pointed object in tyre, while other guykeep you busy in technical discussion.

2. Spread ENO overtyre, so after applying water, ENO start releasing gas (CO2) and you misinterpret it.

3. They fill pressure >50-70psi, so micron size hole, became visible.
The lessons I got are these:

1. Never believe, if any unknown person indicates for low pressure (stop car in crowd place and get it checked by yourself)

2. Always fill air in reputed shop

Always fill air in reputed shop/petrol pump or shop of your known.

3. If you find low pressure, just use the stand-by wheel OR always stand near the wheel while puncture wala checking it.

4. Before they emerged tyre in water for puncture, check pressure (Ideal 35psi).

5. Report such scam.

I am sharing this Incident, so you should also take care when such incident happens. Share, for awareness.”

Hat tip to Raj Sekhar Alluri for sharing Anugrah Bhatia‘s post with us.

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