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2nd Edition India Manufacturing Summit on 10th May

The second edition of India Manufacturing Summit 2013 is to be held in Mumbai on 10th May 2013. This summit is designed for the benefit of industry leaders and decision makers in the manufacturing sector from all across the country. The event will see a sharing of knowledge and understanding about this sector besides offering a platform for learning and interchange of ideas and other key aspects with regard to best practices for overall growth and development in the industry.

Exito business solutions company, well versed and highly acclaimed in the Indian business sector, will play host to this 2nd Edition of the India Manufacturing Summit which will be attended by a total of 150 manufacturing leaders from across the country. A list of emminent speakers including Dinesh S Kulkarni, Head of Projects, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd will be present

These leaders will include CEOs, COOs, Directors, President, SVP, VP, GMs, Head Quality, Head Procurement, Head of Departments, etc who will offer their ideas and experiences in increasing quality of manufacture and enhancing businesses so as to be able to compete on an equal footing with other international players. Partners for the 2nd Edition India Manufacturing Summit are ExxonMobil Fuels Lubricants & Specialties Marketing Company, Warade Automation, Nilsan Nishotech Systems Private Limited, Schaefer Systems International Pvt Ltd, Reynders Label Printing India Pvt Ltd, Vats Filtration Technologies Pvt Ltd, Sri-City Pvt Ltd, Ateliers Fran├žois Compressors (AF Compressors) and Forbes Facility Services Private Limited.

Rishikesh Shetty, Managing Director for Exito said, “The Indian economy is firmly on the path of steady growth. Even during the last decade when other countries were in the grip of a massive slowdown, India continues to enjoy a comfortable economic position. This recent spurt in growth is propelled by radical reforms such as the removal of restrictions on foreign investment and industrial de-licensing. By strategic improvisation of operations, utmost focus on eliminating waste and also focusing on creating lean organizations, manufacturing companies will lead to higher productivity, improvised cost control, effective time to market and higher level of quality. The answers to some of these important subjects will be summoned at the 2nd Edition India Manufacturing Summit, a high profile, invite-only platform. Hear & learn from our top industry experts about how to achieve goals in a more cost effective manner.”


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