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4 Renault Range T 460 Euro 6 6×2 tractor units for Freight Movement Ltd

The high-spec Range Ts are in addition to Freight Movement’s 35-strong fleet and are pivotal for expansion for a fleet covering up to 130,000 miles per year across the UK. The new trucks are each fitted with a fridge, Bluetooth and LED running lights

Paul Hurley, Managing Director, Freight Movement Ltd. said, “We attended the launch of the new range in Lyon and were pleased to see that Renault has taken on board the requirements of drivers. I think that the spacious new cab will surprise a lot of people – our drivers are often away for up to four nights a week and the combination of the larger cab size and improved layout will make for a much enhanced overnight experience.”

He added, “We have always been happy with the reliable and economical performance of the current Renaults on our fleet and have purchased 10 Premiums in the last two years. If the fuel returns from the new T460s are anything like the Premiums, which return on average 9.8mpg to 10mpg, then we will be extremely happy.”

Speaking on new Euro 6 benefits, Paul explains, “As a company we are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2016 and the Euro 6 T-range Renault trucks will help us achieve this. We have been renewing and replacing our fleet with new Renault trucks over the past few years and are currently on target to achieving our carbon neutral goal.”

Pete Harris, Renault Trucks Cardiff says: “I was delighted to receive the early order from Freight Movement, a valued customer, and the Range T’s new larger cab will help us to grow their Renault fleet further. Freight Movement are a well known company in South Wales and the trucks are already being talked about and generating interest from other haulers and owner drivers in the area.”

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