50 Desi cheap cars modified to look like expensive cars

These cars started off as originals but were given a makeover to imitate other vehicles with badging, grilles and other exterior and interior features carried forward. While some of the modifications are totally impressive, some are totally weird.

50. Bentley Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata owner from Delhi has modified his vehicle. He has got it stretched out, given it a new front grille and new lights along with twin exhausts at the rear to make it resemble a Bentley Continental.

49. Rolls Royce City

This 2002 Honda City owner wanted a modified car that looked like a Rolls Royce and this is what he got complete with new grille in the front, distinctive rounded fog lamps and signature headlamps all at an affordable cost.

48. Maruti GT-R

While the GT-R is priced upwards of INR 2 crores, the Maruti Suzuki Swift sports a more affordable price tag. The Swift owner, desirous of the mighty GT-R gets his wish fulfilled with some modification accents, a GT-R kit and new front bumper and grille.

47. Esteem to Mercedes + Porsche

The Maruti Suzuki Esteem has gone under the knife to give it a makeover to resemble both the Mercedes E-Class from the front and the Porsche Boxster from the rear.

46. TUV to Jeep

Mahindra TUV gets converted into a Jeep Cherokee. It borrows the Jeep grille, projector headlamps, bumper and other design elements making the TUV much akin to the Cherokee from certain angles.

45. Ikon to Alfa Romeo

A brand new makeover job sees the Ford Icon transformed into an Alfa Romeo as per owner’s demands.

44. Lexus Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner, a highly acclaimed model in India has seen sales to the tune of 2,000 units per month. Despite its handsome stance, there are some buyers who desire something more out of their vehicle as this buyer who has transformed his Fortuner into a Lexus SUV. The model has been given a new grille with a distinctive Lexus trademark and new LED lights on the bumper.

43. Audi Swift

How the Maruti Suzuki Swift changed into the more luxurious Audi SUV is by adding certain design elements with Audi Q-Series front grille, a fake bonnet and headlamps. Interiors too have been modified with orange while gauges on the dashboard also appear borrowed from an Audi design.

42. Royal Rover

A Hyundai Creta becomes a Royal Rover with ‘Royal Rover’ badging on its bonnet and a distinctive Land Rover Grille. This styling changes an INR 9.22 lakh SUV into a INR 40 lakh SUV.

41. Mercedes Palio

Fiat Palio hot hatchback gets a body kit to turn it into a Mercedes Benz. Though sporting a host of common parts, there is no way that the Palio can replicate the might Mercedes Benz but then vintage car lovers do try.

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