50 Desi cheap cars modified to look like expensive cars

These cars started off as originals but were given a makeover to imitate other vehicles with badging, grilles and other exterior and interior features carried forward. While some of the modifications are totally impressive, some are totally weird.

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50. Bentley Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata owner from Delhi has modified his vehicle. He has got it stretched out, given it a new front grille and new lights along with twin exhausts at the rear to make it resemble a Bentley Continental.

49. Rolls Royce City

This 2002 Honda City owner wanted a modified car that looked like a Rolls Royce and this is what he got complete with new grille in the front, distinctive rounded fog lamps and signature headlamps all at an affordable cost.

48. Maruti GT-R

While the GT-R is priced upwards of INR 2 crores, the Maruti Suzuki Swift sports a more affordable price tag. The Swift owner, desirous of the mighty GT-R gets his wish fulfilled with some modification accents, a GT-R kit and new front bumper and grille.

47. Esteem to Mercedes + Porsche

The Maruti Suzuki Esteem has gone under the knife to give it a makeover to resemble both the Mercedes E-Class from the front and the Porsche Boxster from the rear.

46. TUV to Jeep

Mahindra TUV gets converted into a Jeep Cherokee. It borrows the Jeep grille, projector headlamps, bumper and other design elements making the TUV much akin to the Cherokee from certain angles.

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