500,000th Ford EcoBoost vehicle rolls out of production line in Louisville

Ford EcoBoost engine which was introduced globally in 2009 has experienced success ever since it was launched. Gaining advantage over lower auto emissions and fuel economy, the engine shot to immediate fame in the past three years. Now the company has achieved another feather in its cap as their 500,000th EcoBoost equipped vehicle rolls off production lines in Louisville Assembly Plant. This engine is fitted to the 2012 Ford Focus.

Ford EcoBoost engine is an award winning engine that has received tremendous response in US markets. In North America sales have far surpassed the 389,000 mark since launch. The fuel saving engine is available in every region Ford is present and seen in passenger vehicles such as Escape, Fusion and F-150. EcoBoost engines include 1.0 liter three cylinder, 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter four cylinder engines and also the 3.5 liter V6.

Sales have been steadily increasing ever since these engines were launched in July 2009 when it was fitted in the 2010 Taurus SHO. 2009 saw sales of 9946 units while 2010 sales of EcoBoost increased to 15,117 units and in 2011 this figure stood at 127,638 EcoBoost equipped vehicles in the US. In the coming year, 90% of Ford’s North American lineup will include EcoBoost engines showcasing its unparalleled fuel economy without any compromise to performance and power.



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