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50,000th Nissan Leaf sold in the US

Growth is expected to be faster with the introduction of a new state tax rebate of up to $2,500 on new Nissan Leaf purchase or Lease. “Beyond the simple economics of not buying gas, we’ve been impressed with how well the LEAF drives,” said Todd Bolt, a pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake. “When we show the LEAF off to family and friends, they’re surprised that the car is so quiet and rides so well. The LEAF does everything we need day-to-day, and given the financial savings, I don’t know why we’d buy another gas car.”

The couple are part of “Blessed LEAFs Club”, a term what they humour themselves with. It all points to electric vehicle ownership at Gateway Church where the couple work. After an executive pastor chose to buy a Nissan LEAF, upward of 20 employees have done the same. Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are among 10 launch markets for “No Charge to Charge,” which offers no-cost public charging to new Leaf buyers who took delivery of their car after April 1, 2014 for 2 years.

“With ‘No Charge to Charge,’ the new EV tax credit and enthusiastic new owners like the Bolt family, Dallas is poised to climb the ranks of leading LEAF sales markets,” said Toby Perry, director, EV Marketing for Nissan. “Texas is a great indicator that the right mix of customer awareness and strategically placed charging can lead to rapid EV adoption, and we expect to use that model to grow our sales in markets across the U.S.”

Nissan Leaf holds the distinction of top-selling global EV with nearly 115,000 unist sold since launch. The 5 seater offers 84 miles and MPGe ratings of 126 city, 101 highway and 114 combined estimated driving range on full charge of its advanced lithium-ion battery.

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