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6 cars used in Breaking Bad up for Screenbid auction

Lot 14b of 224 sees Jesse Pinkman’s Toyota Tercel at a starting price of $5,500. With Aaron Paul’s character behind the wheel, this 1986 Tercel TDX runs and drives. The paint is faded, interiors frayed, and the car has done 181,500 miles and is sold as-is.

Lot 18d of 224 lists Marie Schrader’s 2008 dark blue Volkswagen Beetle. Marie’s car is sold as-is, and runs and drives and has no serious defects or damage. It’s got the most expensive starting bid of all of Breaking Bad’s car sales at $10,000.

Lot 18e of 224 lists Walter White’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Cadillac at a starting price of $5,000. Bryan Cranston’s character uses the 1977 Sedan de Ville a whole lot in some of the most vital episodes of the series.

Lot 18f of 224 lists Jesse Pinkman’s Monte Carlo at a starting bid of $2,500. The 1982 Chevrolet was last seen jumping up and down on its crazy hydraulic system and shielding Tuco Salamanca from Hank Schrader. It’s not really drivable, and hood and trunk latches are bad. All door and window seals are bad, and paint is faded. Hydraulic system is non-functional. The car sported a gold fist in the rear window, needs work and is sold as-is.

Lot 20 of 224 lists Walter White’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Aztek with the lowest starting bid price of $1,000 among teh 6 vehicles listed. Breaking Bad producers used three Azteks making the show. One will remain on display at the Sony studios in Culver City and one is a parts car. This is the third — a 2003 that was a crash vehicle. The rear is quite wrecked, glass is broken, and obviously needs much work. The vehicle is not in driving condition and is sold as-is.

Screenbid bidding begins on 29th September. Sony Pictures Entertainment guarantees that listed cars are authentic screen-used from Breaking Bad. A 24 percent buyer’s premium will be added to the final bid.

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