8 Desi cars, which dream to be an expensive luxury / sports car

Here are 8 really strange mod-jobs by car owners in India. Which of them is the weirdest?

  • Lamborghini Esteem
    This Maruti Esteem turned Lamborghini gets new design elements at the front and rear, color coded interiors and faux Alcantara adding a tinge of luxury to the humble Esteem. Image - Team-BHP
  • Mercedes 800
    Maruti 800 may be discontinued in India but are still available in the used car market at fairly low prices. The car with its Mercedes Benz treatment and its front end completely replaced with that of a Mercedes looks quite impressive.
  • BMW Scorpio
    Mahindra Scorpio SUV is noted for its rugged stance and go anywhere facilities but some want to add a special premium stance to the model. A BMW kidney grille finished in chrome and other accents have turned this Scorpio into a BMW much to the owner’s satisfaction. Image - Team-BHP
  • Rolls Royce City
    This 2002 Honda City owner wanted a modified car that looked like a Rolls Royce and this is what he got complete with new grille in the front, distinctive rounded fog lamps and signature headlamps all at an affordable cost. Source - The Automotive India
  • Mercedes Baleno
    When this Maruti Suzuki Baleno owner wished for a Mercedes A Class he got the hatchback changed into the more premium model. A new diamond studded grille was added while front bumper design was changed along with some other tucks and the owner got his wish granted.
  • Maruti GT-R
    While the GT-R is priced upwards of INR 2 crores, the Maruti Suzuki Swift sports a more affordable price tag. The Swift owner, desirous of the mighty GT-R gets his wish fulfilled with some modification accents, a GT-R kit and new front bumper and grille. Source - Team-BHP
  • Ranger Ertiga
    The owner of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga wished to be noticed and hence gave the 7 seater compact SUV a makeover. The Ertiga now sports a new grille borrowed from the Range Rover Sport while a large Ranger logo hogs the limelight on the bonnet with a Land Rover signature design. The front bumper also gets changed while the exterior is painted a distinctive shade of Loire Blue. Source - Facebook
  • BMW Swift
    Here is another example of a model that gets a complete makeover. Here it is a Maruti Suzuki Swift that transforms into a BMW. It is seen with a new kidney shaped front grille and a host of chrome accents that have not ever been seen on a BMW. Source - Facebook