Watch how a 9 yr old managed to steal a bus and drive inside a city

Pedestrians watched in awe as the 9 year old boy took a stolen bus on a joy ride on the streets of Guangzhou.

A video of a 9 year old boy driving a massive bus through the streets of Guangzhou on Friday has emerged. The video footage was captured by some concerned pedestrians who noted this young boy at the wheel at 2.00 pm in the afternoon.

Though reports were made to the local police, it was only after 40 minutes and 10 kms later that the bus was brought to a halt. The boy managed to drive this distance without any mishap along the way which has surprised everyone.

Noticing an open bus without its driver at the terminus, this 9 year old decided to take it for a ride. He managed to drive the bus safely over this distance of 10 kms which shows that he is quite a pro at managing a vehicle even at this tender age.

He was stopped, taken to the police station for questioning and let off with a stern warning. He was handed over to his parents who were also called to the police station. Apparently this young boy is no novice at such pranks. He has been a trouble maker had has been caught stealing wallets and mobile phones in the past.

Reports also suggest that he was seen walking into the police station with a cigarette in his hand. Watch the video below.