A day with the Toyota Fortuner at Experiential Drive Camp

What Burger King is to Burger lovers, the Fortuner is to off-road junkies. Tons of thrill, brilliant quality and economical too. The Toyota Fortuner since its inception in India has been an extremely popular SUV even though it costs about INR 30 lakh. The impeccable 4×4, solid built, pocket-friendly maintenance costs and mind boggling resale value has created a charm all over the country.

People just love it, even though there has been lesser change over the past half a decade of its existence it still sells like no other premium car. It really truly is a mini Land Cruiser, full of character and it can go over anything, except the moon. Toyota has now launched an all new avatar of the Fortuner and it is NEW from everywhere.


We were lucky enough to get a chance to test drive the new Toyota Fortuner in its element, at a specially organized Experience Drive Camp in Delhi. The Experiential Drive trail was filled with different obstacles, each with a special purpose of testing the car’s all-round off-road capabilities.

First test was to accelerate hard through a sandy section. This showed how capable is the 4×4 even in low traction conditions. The same leg of test involved us braking the car hard, again testing the car’s ABS and traction control. You would be surprised how well the car managed to hold itself in that tricky condition. A 2 tonne+ car, doing such stunts while maintaining perfect composure, is pure brilliance.


The car also boasts a DAC (Drive Assist Control) which helps the Fortuner to maintain a safe pace during incline or roll down from steep paths, we had a 35 degree incline and roll down which it did with absolute ease. The off-roader also has a 700mm water wading depth which means you can cross a river with that much height without waiting for an UBER Boat to come and rescue you. The video below explains it better of what all the new Fortuner is capable of doing.

Speaking about the design, the new Toyota Fortuner features the company’s new global design language. The high mounted headlamps and the massive front air intake and reminiscent of the Hilux pickup sold abroad. The headlamps boast an LED diode which at night is supposed to be pretty efficient in illuminating the dark dungeons from Harry Potter. The bonnet is pretty high. giving the car a solid road presence. The side profile looks beautiful, there is a sense of evolution in the design of the Toyota Fortuner with soft creases and a kink at the end of the window line into the C pillar.

The rear profile is sleek and the tail lamps look like the side profile of my favourite thin crust pizza. The tail gate, by god’s grace, is now motorised and it won’t require you to jump and try to catch hold of the boot handle to close it. All you need to do is press a button and tadaaa.


The interiors of the new Fortuner are farcry from the previous generations which looked like a cut copy paste job from the then’ Innova, it now looks very modern and have a sense of luxury. The dashboard layout is brilliant with soft touch plastics and leather treatment on offer, which ups the overall oomph factor inside. The steering is nice and chunky and does give you a feeling that you’re driving the big daddy Land Cruiser. A coloured central infotainment display is more intuitive to use (is the similar setup as the new Innova). The thick doors will give you a sense of how secure this car is. On top of that, below are a list of safety features the new Fortuner is offered with.

Safety & Security features

– Impact absorbing structure with pedestrian protection support
– 4 Wheel Disc Brakes with Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) & Brake Assist (BA)
– 7 SRS airbags
– Vehicle stability control (VSC)
– Speed auto lock with emergency unlock
– WIL-Safe (Whiplash Injury Lessening) front seats
– ISOFIX Child Seat Mount and Tether Anchor
– All row three point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts with Pre Tensioner & Force Limiter (PT/FL) in front row



– Newly developed frame structure that delivers exceptional torsional & bending rigidity even in the harshest environments
– New suspension enhances ride comfort, through straight-line stability, controllability, handle response & advanced damping technology
– Newly adopted Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) & Downhill Assist Control (DAC)
– Electronic drive control
– Eco & Power drive modes
– Newly adopted Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

Variants and Price

 2.7 Litre (P – 166 PS / 245 Nm)  2WD (P) Rs. 25,92,000 MT
2WD (P) Rs. 27,67,000 AT
 2.8 Litre (D – 177PS / 450 Nm) 2WD (D) Rs. 27,52,000 MT
2WD (D) Rs. 29,14,000 AT
4WD (D) Rs. 30,05,000 MT
4WD (D) Rs. 31,12,000 AT