ABB to showcase Electric Vehicle charging devices at 2012 Amsterdam Intertraffic show

The Intertraffic show that is the biggest event in the road transport sector will take place in Amsterdam from the 27th to 30th March 2012.  While a host of companies will be showcasing their new and upcoming products, ABB will be unveiling an EV charging product wherein deployment of EV charging will take place faster and will be available to a wider range of customers.

While electric vehicles are gaining ground, charging stations and accessibility to the same are still a major hurdle that needs to be tackled if EVs are to be launched in a big way.  ABB is a leader in both power and the latest of automation technologies.  The company is committed to providing customers with new and life changing technologies while at the same time lessening adverse effects on environment and projecting technologies for bring about cleaner and healthier air.

Manager of ABB’s business unit Power Electronics and Medium Voltage Drives, Remo Luetolf says, “As our market grows and new electric car models are coming to the market, we expect to see more and more segmentation. Our future-proof connectivity solutions are designed to support different types of chargers, as well as different business models and all existing and future connection standards in the same network.”

George Jansen, CEO of Prestige GreenCab had this to say, “We have to keep our 20 EVs operational throughout the day and can’t afford to wait eight hours for a battery to charge. Fast charging makes our business case work. That’s why we were keen to make a business deal with BP.” “GreenCab financed one of the two chargers in Utrecht and has taken an active role as launching customer. The EV fast-charging network in Utrecht increases autonomy of our GreenCabs and at the same time stimulates new EV adopters as it is open to everyone.”

The company has operations in 100 countries across the globe and offers employment to over 1,35,000 employees. Viewers can inspect this product at the Intertraffic Amsterdam Show from March 27th to 30th, 2012.