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Ministry of Road Transport makes ABS compulsory

truck accidents india

Anti Lock Braking System has been made mandatory for all commercial vehicles in India from April 2015 in a bid to make the countries hazardous and accident prone roads a great deal safer.

truck accidents indiaAll upcoming commercial vehicles will have this ABS feature incorporated from April 2015, as per Govt. of India’s new ruling. Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) comes to the aid of vehicles in emergency braking while at high speeds. The system unlocks wheels allowing traction control by electronic distribution of pressure to the wheels. This system not only prevents the vehicle from skidding but has also proved itself in preventing less fatal accidents.

ABS is the second safety feature that India is making mandatory on board its commercial vehicles, the first being seat belts which were made compulsory in the last decade. While ABS is already being offered as an option of higher end trucks and buses, the government notification to make it mandatory on all commercial vehicles will come as a blessing considering that India ranks right at the top of the lost where fatal road accidents are concerned. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is also mulling over making other safety equipments such as airbags, traction control and heads up display mandatory in the future.

Manufacturers will get a further six months to fit ABS on new vehicles of existing models. The Government is yet to make ABS compulsory on passenger vehicles though most manufacturers in the country have already started incorporating this safety feature as an optional or standard feature.

via Economic Times


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