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Accident Claims Tribunal orders insurance company to pay Rs 1.14 cr in 2 separate cases

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34 year old Ramchandra Shetty, a mechanical engineer and working as a manager at Tata Motors, was involved in a motorcycle accident on February 5, 2011. His motorcycle was hit by a tanker owned by Kishor Transport Services insured with ICICI Lombard. The injuries that Shetty received were so grave that it left him permanently disabled with 70 percent disability. He was admitted in hospital for over a month during which his right leg had to be amputated from the knee downwards while implants were fitted into his hand.

This cost Shetty Rs.6.35 lakhs, an artificial leg which cost him Rs.3.15 lakhs and cost for the servicing of his amputated leg was Rs.17.46 lakhs. The disability left Shetty unable to do any heavy manual work and his doctor Dr Shailesh Ratnaparkhi testified that Shetty could only do a sitting job but this too could pose some difficulty as an artificial limb cannot be used for 24 hours of a day.

On March 14, 2012, Shetty filed a claim with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) seeking compensation of Rs.70 lakhs. It was confirmed from the company that at the time of the accident Shetty was earning a salary of Rs.7.75 lakhs per annum and that his job involved constant moving from place to place along the production line.

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However, the council appearing on behalf of ICICI Lombard stated that the full compensation could not be released as Shetty’s employers had given him a light job without any reduction in salary. He would also be entitled to annual increments. The council hence ordered a compensation of Rs.22.50 lakhs with 7 percent interest from 2012 to Shetty which will be paid jointly by ICICI Lombard and Kishor Transport Services.

In addition to this, MACT has also compensated Rs 82 lakh has been awarded to victim’s family in Chandigarh. 54 year old woman was killed in an accident due to the negligence of a car driver. The incident took place back in March 2018. The victim, Mrs Kaur was riding scooter at the time of incident, when the rashly driven car hit her. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Her husband filed a petition against the car driver, Alka Bharadwaj for a sum of Rs 90 lakhs. In the petition, it was mentioned that Mrs Kaur was 54 years old and had a government job with a monthly salary of Rs 67,622 per month. In the hearing, Alka said that Mrs Kaur was driving the scooter negligently. After hearing both, the tribunal ordered New Assurance Company to pay a sum of Rs 82.75 lakhs to the deceased.

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