Indian govt to launch website to identify accident prone zones

Launching the Road Safety Week in Delhi, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping, announced that government is working on a website through which citizens can send information about accident prone zones in India.

The Road Transport & Transport Ministry will take up the issue with concerned authorities and undertake required measures to prevent accidents in those zones. Mr. Gadkari announced that government has earmarked INR 11,000 crores in the next 5 years to fix such back spots across the country. He also added that the ministry is already working on fixing 10 such black spots in Delhi.

In addition to fixing the black spots, the government is taking various measures to reduce the occurrence of road accidents by 50% in five years. Currently, India witnesses around 5,00,000 reported road accidents per year in which around 1.4 lakh people lose their lives.

Maruti Celerio with Airbags ABS
Airbags will be made mandatory on all cars sold in India.

The minster also expressed concerns over the way driving licenses are issued and revealed that driver training schools are being opened across the nation. He also added that driving tests will be fully computerized throughout the country.

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In order to further reduce road fatalities, the Mr. Gadkari has announced that airbags will be made mandatory on all cars. He said that a Road Safety Authority will be formed and a Road Transport and Safety Bill will be submitted before the Parliament soon.