Advanced Technical Centre Phase 2 and Tech Day for General Motors China

The Advanced Technical Centre Phase 2 is now opened by GM China so as to bolster its performance where innovative technologies are being considered for mobility. At this centre there will be upto 250 designers, engineers and researchers who will work in tandem to come up with new and interesting technologies which will impact product effectiveness in Chinese as also global markets. Phase 1 was inaugurated in September 2011. The Tech Day event followed the theme of “Ignite! The Spark of Innovation.”

Taking a step forward in its quest for a sustainable mobility option, GM presented a clay model of its Electric Networker vehicle (EN-V) a two seater vehicle designed to improve traffic scenarios and alleviate air quality in the near future. Sail SPRINGO EV is a vehicle which has been designed as a result of a joint venture in China and will be introduced in markets next year. At the ATC R&D executives can develop new map apps, infotainment systems and innovative technologies to manufacture battery cells, lightweight materials and new engine and transmission systems.

These infotainment systems will help one enjoy driving and at the same time they will be connected to what is happening around them. Engineers will also be able to test structural components of vehicles under varying conditions to identify problems and improve quality, performance, and reliability of these components in GM vehicles. The ATC will also provide a platform for designers to create models in a quest to explore the world of mobility in the future.


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