After Liberty Tour, BossHoss and dancers present Truckstar Antos song at IAA Commercial Vehicles show: New Mercedes-Benz Antos and Actros

The new Mercedes Benz Antos and Actros are the centre of attention at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show. A special show to mark its entry has been organized which sees BossHoss and four dancers presenting the Antos song “Truckstar” at hall No.14 & 15. It was also five white Mercedes Benz Actros trucks which transported all BossHoss music equipment to the venue.

These two new trucks from Mercedes Benz are heavy duty vehicles and BossHoss have been associated and closely working together with Mercedes Benz Trucks for some years. The video showcases the new Antos as a heavy duty vehicle with a special song “My Way” which is specially dedicated to the new Actros which along with “Flaming Star will form the bases of the IAA show which is entirely focused on these two trucks.

BossHoss association with Mercedes Benz goes back to 2006 when 30,000 truckers received the group at the Truck Grand Prix in Nurburgring. This is what prompted the band to dedicate a hymn “Truck’n’Roll Rules” to the drivers and it is their music that embodies the lifestyle of a trucker, listening to music and celebrating the band on their truck festivals. Truckers and cowboys share the same way of life, separated from their families while on the road and cruising across alien territory at all parts of the day or night. It is for this reason that dependable and high performance trucks are the most desired and hence the Mercedes Benz Antos and Actros are being projected as ideal for the situation.

Auto news release: BossHoss rock the IAA Commercial Vehicles show with the new Mercedes-Benz Antos and Actros

The kings of country rock and the new Antos and Actros draw the fans to the Mercedes-Benz stage in droves
Show featuring BossHoss and four dancers presenting the Antos song “Truckstar” electrifies hall 14/ 15 at the top of every hour
Five new white Actros trucks formed the backbone of the BossHoss “Liberty Tour”, transporting the stage equipment

On each day of the IAA Commercial Vehicles show the asphalt cowboys of country rock band BossHoss took to the truck stage at the top of every hour to treat their fans to a rendition of their song “Truckstar”, which is dedicated to the new Antos. Also in the spotlight were the two stars of the show – the new Actros and the new Antos – , along with four striking girl dancers. The new Mercedes-Benz trucks displayed their strengths in impressive style, both in a video clip and “in the flesh” at the show. The video presents the new Antos in various heavy-duty distribution scenarios. The bass-dominated sound starts up in sync with the new in-line engine and segues into the performing band. The back of the stage opens up in a blaze of dry ice and coloured light and Boss and Hoss take to the stage to kick off their stage show. The BossHoss have been working together with Mercedes-Benz Trucks for some years now. The song “My Way”, a homage to the new Actros, is a clear highlight, along with “Flaming Star”, which was to be heard at the IAA show in praise of the trusty Actros. The BossHoss had a further ace up their sleeve with their new title “Truckstar”, the two Berliners’ new composition for the new Antos which they premiered at the show. The lyrics are about the truck with the star on its radiator and the airbrushed urban cowboy scenes on its door. The chorus – “All or nothing, more than everything, I want the best by far” – sums up both the music and the new heavy duty Antos distribution truck.

Truck’n’Roll Rules
It was back in 2006 that the BossHoss enjoyed a rousing reception from 30,000 truckers at the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. Such enthusiasm prompted the band and Mercedes-Benz Trucks to dedicate the hymn “Truck’n’Roll Rules” to the drivers. The appurtenant video was shot by director Detlev Buck (“Männerpension”). Further trucker hits duly followed in the guise of a version of Elvis Presley’s classic “Flaming Star” and the number “Rock On Rock”.

BossHoss’s music embodies the trucker’s lifestyle to perfection. Truckers enjoy listening to their music and celebrate the band enthusiastically at the major truck festivals. The drivers appreciate the esteem demonstrated for the highway cowboys – particularly as they and the band share a similar way of life: the band members are often apart from their families for weeks on end while on tour, cruising along unfamiliar motorways with their tour bus and the Actros equipment convoy in the midnight hour and forever discovering new places and people. And absolute punctuality is also a prime necessity both for truckers at the loading ramp and a band when it’s time to hit the stage. This calls for reliable trucks on tour – no wonder, then, that this year’s “Liberty Tour” has been supported by Mercedes-Benz in the shape of 5 new Actros articulated vehicles.

Curtains up for the “Liberty Tour”
On ten evenings in the spring, the asphalt cowboys fronted by “Boss” Völkel and Sascha “Hoss” Vollmer presented their current top ten album, “Liberty of Action”, along with numerous older hits.

The tour took the Berlin band around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These dates were followed in April by five club shows under the banner “Liberty of Europe” in England, Denmark and the Netherlands. Mid-June saw The BossHoss launch the “Summer of Action”: eight open-air appearances in Germany and Austria, including the legendary Wacken Open Air festival.

Only right, then, that the equipment for the lavish stage show should be transported from city to city on a truck bearing the Mercedes star – the new Actros, to which The BossHoss recently dedicated the number “My Way”.

The tour convoy comprises no less than five new Actros lowliners in white.