After stealing Toyota Innova Crysta, thief calls owner to sell it back – Here’s what happened next

The stolen Toyota Innova Crysta was found by Surat Police within 18 hours of lodging the FIR.

When the Toyota Innova Crysta owner decided to pay a visit to his friend in Surat, little did he know that he would have his precious vehicle stolen and found all in less than 18 hours.

The video shows how the car thief took off with the Toyota Innova Crysta and started making phone calls to the owner of the car after finding his business card in the vehicle. The thief made claims of money in exchange for the Crysta and thought this a better means of making some money rather than risk selling off the stolen car to an unsuspecting buyer.

On receipt of these phone calls, the owner of the car approached the Surat Police who swung into action. They procured the thief’s location and a team of 3 cops, the owner of the Innova Crysta and the friend who is also the uploader of the video, left for Baroda.

A quick round along the streets of Baroda and the cops were able to spot the Innova Crysta MH 04 HM 2154 parked near a roadside refreshment store. The cops quickly approach the vehicle and nab the culprit who was taken into custody and transported back to Surat all in a matter of 18 hours of lodging an FIR.

The accompanying video regales the astuteness and quick action taken by the Surat Police in recovery of a stolen Toyota Innova Crysta.