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Agra woman vents anger on politician’s Mercedes after security guard winks at her

Agra woman vents anger on politician
Agra woman vents anger on politician

A 23 year old woman, Sadhvi Pandey, has taken out her anger on the Mercedes Benz ML Class SUV of Samajwadi Party leader after his gunner winked at her.

A two minute video splashed all across the internet, shows Pandey jumping on top of the SP leader’s Mercedes, tearing off party flag and smashing the windshield of the luxury SUV. The Agra woman then, still boiling with anger challenged Abhinav Sharma and his bodyguard to emerge from the car and face further wrath from her.

Agra woman vents anger on politician

The incident occurred on Sunday when the young woman on a scooty was taking her sister to see a doctor. She happened to stop at a traffic intersection alongside the cavalcade while the storm erupted when the gunner winked at her from inside the car. Crowds gathered to witness the venting of anger and cheered her on through her demonstration of anger, though no one came forward to help her. The video has gone viral over the internet.

Samajwadi Party has failed to comment on the incident, but Abhinav Sharma, the politician who was inside the car, and who owned the car has commented that whatever the woman is saying is not 100% correct. According to Sharma, as there was traffic, his security guard, Vijay asked some two wheelers to make way for the politician’s SUV. At this point, a debate erupted between the guard and Sadhvi.

Sharma is not sure what exactly happened between the two, but Sadhvi came to his window and snatched his gold chain. It is after this that Sharma called local police, and rolled up his window. The police did arrive at the scene, but were not of much help, as you can see in the videos below.

Agra woman dealt with the eve teasers on the road and fought a lone battle against VVIP racism, the cops stood by trying to calm down the girl instead of taking any action against the actual offenders.

On the other hand, speaking to Times Now, Sadhvi Pandey has drawn attention to the fact that girls need to speak out against such offences. They should not take such harassment quietly while she has also slammed the police of Uttar Pradesh for their attitude and failing to take prompt action against erring parties.

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