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Ahmedabad car rally for Visually impaired navigators

Ahmedabad car rally with Visually impaired navigators. This specially organized rally was held to collect funds for setting up schools across India.

Ahmedabad car rally with Visually impaired navigatorsOffering sight to the sighted, visually impaired individuals were seen guiding sighted drivers through the rally course in an event held in Ahmedabad on Sunday. This specially organized rally was held to collect funds for setting up schools across India.

With help from Blind People’s Association and Ahmedabad Round Table, the rally gave the visually impaired participants a chance to coordinate with drivers and offer them an opportunity to view the world around them. The car rally was organized by Round Table Ahmedabad Chapter along with the Blind People’s Association as has been an ongoing process for the past 15 years. The funds enable the Chapter to open schools and continuing with their endeavor of freedom through education as they have been doing in the past nearly three decades.

Instructions for the route of the rally was typed in Braille and offered to visually impaired navigators who took the rally through a track across the city. This track included 10 bridges and a 300 meter dirt track. Drivers were tested on the basis of time, speed, distance, etc, and since the entire route was in Braille,  visually abled drivers had to depend on their navigators to decipher the same all through the rally.

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