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Airbag riding jacket saves rider from a bad crash – Video

A superbike rider escaped unhurt from what looked like a severe high-speed crash, thanks to his airbag riding jacket. The safety gear has built-in CO2 canister to provide an air-cushion in about 80 milliseconds from being thrown off the motorcycle.

The video shot by his helmet-mounted camera shows that the rider went a bit too fast around a left hander and tried unsuccessfully to modulate the speed mid-corner. Target fixation appears to be the ultimate cause of the crash but he should consider himself very lucky to have escaped without any major injuries.

He was thrown off the motorcycle and hit the earth really heard. The extensive damage to the motorcycle further highlights the magnitude of the crash. The video shows that the rider quickly detaches the inflated module of his riding jacket and acknowledges that the equipment saved him.
This incident clearly proves two points – 1. Target fixation is very dangerous and needs to be unlearned; 2. The airbag riding jacket proves to be very efficient in protecting the rider’s vital organs in the event of a crash.

 The rider was using Helite airbag riding jacket.

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The good thing about the airbag riding jacket is, it can be reused by installing a new CO2 canister. The jacket is loosely fastened to the fuel tank by means of a buckle. If the rider gets thrown off, the connection between the bike and the jacket snaps off, triggering the airbag inflation instantaneously.