World’s first 3D printed electric bike weighs only 35 kg

APWorks, a subsidiary of aviation giant Airbus, has come up with a 3D printed electric bike which is claimed to be the first such example of its kind in the world. Save for few items like tyres, other components of the motorcycle including the chassis has been created by 3D printing.

Called the Light Rider, the motorcycle weight only 35 kgs. Its chassis is developed by a special algorithm using Selective 3D Laser Printing method. This involves melting tiny particles of aluminium alloy together. The algorithm is claimed to have achieved an optimized chassis which is extremely light but at the same time, strong enough to endure the loads and stresses of everyday riding.

Airbus APWork 3D printed electric bike (2)
The bike packs a 6KW electric motor.

The 3D printed electric bike packs a 6KW motor which can propel it from rest to 50 mph (80 kmph) in a few seconds. The frame weighs a meagre 13 pounds (nearly 6 kg), making it 30% lighter than conventional light electric bikes.

The unconventional motorcycle has a simple circular headlamp, flat handlebar, a single saddle, spoke wheels and off road tyres. The bike employs a front telescopic fork and a rear mono shock. Bicycle-like disc brake at each wheel takes care of retardation.

Airbus APWork 3D printed electric bike (1)
The chassis is made by Selective 3D Laser Printing method.

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The Light Rider 3D printed electric bike is priced at a staggering USD 56,000 (around INR 37.75 lakhs) plus tax. Only 50 examples will be made.