Nissan India VP for Sales, Marketing and Dealer Development, resigns

Ajay Raghuvanshi, Vice-President, Sales, Marketing & Dealer Development at Nissan Motors India has resigned from his position.

Ajay Raghuvanshi resigns nissan

Ajay Raghuvanshi, who joined Nissan in March 2013, leaves the company to pursue other options. He was instrumental when Nissan India introduced Datsun brand in the country in March 2014, when GO hatchback was launched.

Raghuvanshi also played a major part in the company’s marketing strategy following termination of agreement in February last year with Hover Automotive India, a company that oversaw sales marketing and distribution of Nissan vehicles and spare parts across the country. He also developed an independent sales and distribution network and his resignation has been confirmed by the company, reveals Economic Times.

Raghuvanshi joined Nissan in March 2013, prior to which he has worked in other leading auto companies such as Hyundai, Honda and Tata Motors. Sources state that Raghuvanshi felt sidelined following appointment of Arun Malhotra of Mahindra & Mahindra as Managing Director of Nissan’s domestic unit though the company has not elaborated further on this point.

Nissan Motors India, the second largest Japanese automaker in the country following Toyota has also seen an increase in market share under the aegis of Raghuvanshi. The company is still striving to increase its share in Indian passenger vehicle market of 1.81%, from its current ranking at 9th position behind another two Japanese brands, Honda and Suzuki Motors.