All 9 travelling in a small car killed in an accident due to tyre burst

Edalaru Sreenu (40) his wife Devi (30), mother in law Venkatlakshmi (65), eldest son Sai (10), second son Pavan (8), daughter Durga Aparna (6), Kadiyam Padma (35), sister in law of Sreenu, her eldest son Kumar (19) and daughter Sai (17) were all killed in a freak road accident.

The accident occurred near Vedullapalem Junction of Nakkapalli mandal in Visakhapatnam district on Sunday when the vehicle they were travelling in rammed into a heavy duty trailer coming from the opposite direction in another lane.

The crane took over 2 hours to get the car out. By the time they managed to get the car out, all inside the car had died.
The crane took over 2 hours to get the car out. By the time they managed to get the car out, all inside the car had died.

The family of 9 was on their way to the Talupullamma Talli temple in Lova in East Godavari district from Gopalapatnam in Visakhapatnam. It was at 10.00 am in the morning that the family was making their way when the front right tyre burst.

Sreenu lost control of the vehicle causing it to overshoot the divider. With no control of the speeding vehicle, the car with 9 onboard rammed into an oncoming scooter before hitting a truck which swerved left to avoid contact with the car. The duo on the scooter, D. Chiranjeevi Raju (40) and his son Sagar Varma (10) also died on the spot.

All 9 persons in the car died on the spot while the police team took close to 2 hours the clear the road. While the Collector and Commissioner of Police Amit Garg visited to bereaved family, a report of the accident has been filed while compensation is soon to be announced.

The accident took place because of tyre burst. Initial reports suggest that the reason for tyre burst was not maintaining proper air pressure in tyre and travelling with more passengers than the prescribed limit of the vehicle.

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There are many of us who travel with more passengers than there are seats. In fact, there are many on Indian roads who believe that it is alright to fill the car to the brim. If the door manages to shut, it means the car is good to go. By doing this, you are not only putting your life in danger but also of those on the road. (Father-son duo in the accident above lost their lives without any fault of theirs).

It is a request to our readers to follow road safety norms with the utmost sincerity.

Accident At Vizag ,11 Persons Including 4 Women & 3 Children Were Died.At Around Noon, A Speeding SUV (Ap 16 BZ 5624) Was Moving From Visakhapatnam Towards Tuni On NH-16 When Its Tyre Burst Near Nakkapalli Due To Suspected Hot Temperature. The Vehicle Went Out Of Control And Hit A Two-Wheeler Coming In The Opposite Lane And Was Run Over By A Truck Trailer Carrying Heavy Pipes.

Posted by Update News Network on Sunday, April 10, 2016