Allen Johnson comes in at no. 2 during qualifying rounds for NHRA championship


Allen Johnson has waited patiently for the last 17 years and now the Mopar driver will be making a break to get his J&J Racing team in the NHRA as the new pro Stock Champions. He came in second during Friday’s single qualifying round and now there are only two qualifying rounds to be held tomorrow in which he will need to do well for a shot at the 2012 NHRA Pro Stock title.

On Thursday, Johnson was at number one position but conceded it to Greg Anderson during Fridays qualifying rounds. According to Johnson, the team wants to make a statement during the event and take home a win. Johnson has a long history with Pro Stock which dates back to 1996 when he and his father started working there. His father an engine builder still tunes HEMI engines in his Dodge till date.

If Johnson manages to sneak out a win during this race, it will be a great day to J&J racing Team and Mopar respectively. Mopar is a name synonymous to racing and is associated with NHRA, USAC, NASCAR and TORC series. It also sponsors many racing events and supports amateur racing within NHRA and USAC.


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