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Meet Audi’s Alstom plug-in hybrid locomotive for Ingolstadt plant

Hybrid locomotive at Audi plant in Ingolstadt

The new greener plant locomotive is estimated to cut CO2 emissions by up to 60 tonnes per annum.

On its way to making its Ingolstadt mother plant carbon neutral, Audi AG has commissioned an Alstom plug-in hybrid locomotive which has started its operations yesterday. The 1000 hp locomotive is claimed to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60 tonnes per annum compared to a regular diesel engined one.

The hybrid locomotive can run in pure electric mode for up to 2 hours and can be charged within the plant using CO2-free electricity. During motion, it’s supported by a diesel engine. Every day, 15 goods train carrying pressed parts, engines and transmissions and fully built cars from other sites arrive at Ingolstat North railway station for Audi. The cars produced at the plant also start the first leg of their journey via trains.

Audi operates an 18 km long railway network within the plant with 17 locomotive operators whose job includes allocating the wagons to different plant buildings. This task is handled by a plant locomotive which usually does 75 shunting operations a day and will be working for roughly 3,800 hours every year. With the new Alstom plug-in hybrid locomotive, these in-plant operations would be done primarily on pure electric mode, thus cutting down CO2 emissions from the campus significantly.

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Audi is also likely to commission the plug-in hybrid locomotive made by Alstom at other manufacturing sites eventually.

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