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American University of Dubai student cars

Squirrelnelius says, “Funny story about that actually. The cars parked on the sidewalk get parking fines every day (probably close to $300), but they still park there all the time. They just don’t give one fuck, and the police don’t do anything but give them tickets cuz hey, free money,” in response to a question about how the cars are parked.

American University of Dubai parking lot In response to a question regarding students paying $1500 a week, he says, ‘Ya, but when you think about it, if your parents can buy you a Ferrari when you’re 20 years old $1500 is nothing to you, and it’s worth it to park in front of the school and show off your car (obviously I don’t think it’s worth it). I know a guy who regularly books a table at the most expensive club in the city, invites like 20 people and spends $10,000 of his dad’s money in a night. When you have tens or hundreds of millions you can afford to throw some of it away.

Meeka Nasser (Reddit user Squirrelnelius) himself drives an older gen BMW 750li. He elaborates that all students who park do a good job. “I think since a lot of people have nice cars they’re pretty considerate of others when they park. I’ve never had someone bang my car with their door or park too close.”

He elaborates there’s not many vintage cars around though one guy has a vintage Mustang. Keeping in mind development in Dubai is rather recent, there was never many vintage cars to begin with. It’s also illegal to drive a car that is not up to Gulf specifications, and weak air conditioning on older cars wouldn’t help anyone in Dubai’s heat.

Meeka Nasser’s Reddit update ‘Outrageous Cars At The American University Of Dubai’ reads as follows. I attend the American University of Dubai, and the cars that students drive here are just ludicrous. If I was back home in Canada my car would be considered nice, but here nobody looks twice at it.

Here is a collection of pictures. These were taken in the span of a couple days, and only in 1 of the parking lots of the school, so this isn’t even close to all of the nice cars at the school. Because Cayennes and Range Rovers are a dime a dozen here, I only included a few of them in the album. Keep in mind, almost all of the students are between 18 and 24 years old, as the graduate program is pretty tiny here. The students that drive the insanely expensive cars (Rolls Royces and Bentleys etc.) are usually local (Emirati) for those wondering. UPDATE: Since this post has gotten so much attention I decided to take a few more pictures today. Here they are. I made sure to include Reddit’s favorite car: the BRZ. Also, since everyone keeps asking, I drive a 750Li, the one beside the BRZ in the pictures.

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