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October 3, 2023 11:44 am

Bajaj Sales September 2023 – Domestic CV Sales Soared By 60%

Bajaj Pulsar NS

The most impressive part of Bajaj Sales September 2023 charts is the significant growth of the company’s CV portfolio in domestic market

The Indian 2W and 3W giant, Bajaj Auto, registered a negligible amount of YoY de-growth in the month of September 2023. YoY de-growth for absolute total sales was just 1% and YTD de-growth for the same attribute was much less than that. The main glow-up for Bajaj Auto sales September 2023 was in CV segment in domestic market. The most recent launch was of Pulsar N150.

Bajaj Sales September 2023

The company is known for its motorcycles and Chetak electric scooters. In September 2023, Bajaj sold 2,02,510 2W vehicles and registered 9% YoY de-growth over 2,22,912 units sold a year ago, losing 20,402 units along the way in volume. Bajaj shipped 1,25,202 units last month and the sales almost evened out when opposed to 1,25,443 units sold last year.

The YoY volume loss in 2W exports was just a mere 241 units. In total (Domestic + Exports), Bajaj sold 3,27,712 2W vehicles and saw numbers drop by 6% YoY as opposed to 3,48,355 units sold exactly a year before. Where CVs are concerned, Bajaj sold 50,683 units last month and registered a 60% YoY growth.

This is Bajaj’s highest-ever domestic CV sales. However, CV exports didn’t reciprocate the same emotions as their domestic numbers. With 14,163 units shipped, Bajaj CV exports dropped by 3% YoY. In total (Domestic + Exports), there was a 40% YoY growth for Bajaj in CV space with 64,846 units sold, as opposed to 46,392 units sold in September 2022.

Bajaj sales September 2023 – YoY

In total (2W + CV) Bajaj sold 2,53,193 units in domestic market and shipped 1,39,365 units in domestic and export markets respectively. This totaled to 3,92,558 units. YoY analysis showed a 1% de-growth in domestic, exports and total (Domestic + Exports), which is almost negligible. You can read Bajaj’s sales breakup of August 2023 here.

YTD Sales September 2023

The YTD numbers registered in Bajaj sales September 2023 charts are much more profound as they show a greater picture in buying trends and patterns. In 2W segment, Bajaj sold 10,48,251 units, which was 12% higher when compared to 9,35,552 units sold a year ago. Where 2W exports are concerned, Bajaj shipped 7,22,662 units.

This was 22% lower than what Bajaj shipped between April and September 2022. In total, Bajaj’s YTD sales for 2W vehicles stood at 17,70,913 units, down by 5% as opposed to 18,66,192 units sold a year ago. In CV sales, it is evident that Bajaj has taken decent strides and the fruits of which are reflected in domestic sales.

Bajaj sales September 2023 – YTD

Bajaj sold 2,30,861 units and more than doubled the numbers when compared to the 1,11,659 units sold last year. With 107% growth, Bajaj gained 1,19,202 units in volume in domestic CV sales. CV exports, however, saw 25% de-growth as numbers fell from 1,06,807 units sold last year to 79,586.

Total CV sales (Domestic + Exports) stood at 3,10,447 units with an impressive 42% growth. In total (2W + CV), Bajaj sold 12,79,112 units in the domestic market with 22% growth and 8,02,248 shipped to export markets with 23% de-growth. Grand total almost balanced out with 20,81,360 units between April and September of 2023 and 20,84,658 units between April and September 2022.