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March 4, 2021 7:44 pm

NIJ Automotive Launches 3 New Electric Scooters – QV60, Accelero, Flion

NIJ Automotive Electric Scooters

These electric scooters promise low service cost and 25 times more cost saving as compared to petrol vehicles within 1 year of purchase

NIJ Automotive, manufacturers of electric scooters and vehicle batteries based in Agra, Uttar Pradesh have three electric scooters in their lineup. Called QV60, Accelero and Flion, these e-scooters promise several advantages over their petrol powered counterparts.

The makers claim that their electric scooters offers a comfortable ride, low service cost and upto 25 times more cost saving as against petrol vehicles in the same segment within one year of purchase. These e-scooters come in at a time to battle the global crisis against pollution and while fuel prices are on a continuous rise in the country.


The QV60 e-scooter is priced at Rs.51,999. It is built of steel with a lightweight body with features that include LED projector headlamps, tubeless tyres, an LED color display, keyless entry, find-my-scooter feature and an anti-theft lock and alarm system.

It receives its power via a 60V VRLA battery with a high torque BLDC motor and suspension is managed by adjustable rear shock absorber and telescopic front suspension. Reverse gear and adjustable speed are also among its features. Battery charging is accomplished in 6 hours.

NIJ QV60 Electric Scooter

NIJ Accelerio

The Accelerio e-scooter carries a price tag of Rs.45,000. It is presented in Red and Gold color options and receives LED projector headlamps, a digital LED speedometer, a long foot board and back rest for the pillion rider. Features go on to include central locking system, find-my-scooter function, remote access control and anti-theft lock and alarm. The e-scooter rides on 10 inch alloy wheels and gets a USB charging socket for mobile.

The Accelerio scooter commands high ground clearance and best in class acceleration with a range upto 95 km per charge while in Eco mode. It gets 130mm disc brake in the front and 110mm drum brake at the rear and telescopic suspension in the front and dual coil spring hydraulic suspension at the rear.

The Accelerio scooter is powered by a high torque BLDC motor with 60V 3A charging time in 8-10 hours and offering per km running cost at just 12 paise. One touch auto repair and maintenance along with reverse gear function are also seen on the Accelerio scooter. Dimensions stand at 1670x640x1110mm with wheelbase of 1280mm and kerb weight of 86 kgs along with ground clearance at 155mm.

NIJ Automotive Electric scooters – Accelero, QV60 and Flion

NIJ Flion

NIJ Automotive also has the Flion e-scooter in its lineup, priced at Rs.47,000. Offered in colour options of Pearl White, Cherry Red and Pune Black, the Flion boasts of a GPS enabled system, anti-theft alarm, IOT inside, reverse and parking assist, push button start and USB charging along with 3 riding modes. It is larger in dimensions as compared to the Accelerio standing 1820x660x1120mm with a wheelbase of 1280mm.

Kerb weight is at 86 kgs and ground clearance at 15mm while it shares all its power, battery, braking and transmission options with the Accelerio scooter. NIJ Automotive offers a three year warranty on each of its three e-scooters. All three are low speed scooters with 25 kmph top speed.

NIJ Automotive Electric scooters

Speaking to Rushlane, NIJ Automotive said, “NIJ Automotive is based in Agra, localisation of the components is an on going exercise. We have started to work with chassis manufacturers and wire harness manufacturers, BMS for Lithium battery is being sourced from local manufacturer. As of now the planned capacity is of 10,000 vehicles per year.

We have made the investment of Rs 5 crore. Our production started just before the lockdown began, which did further delayed the official launch of the products. However, the company has been working on researching and improving the product since 2018. Our future plan is to develop Hub motors in India.”

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