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Ampere electric scooters price list post GST reduction and FAME 2 subsidy

With government revising GST norms from 12 percent to 5 percent, Ampere Electric Vehicles, part of Greaves Cotton Limited, has reduced price of its 2-wheeler electric vehicles to this effect.

Ampere Zeal e-scooter becomes that much better of a value proposition. The bike is now available at a price of about 67 k (ex-Bangalore). This is possible owing to a reduction of about 5k following GST reduction on electric vehicles.

The e-scooter was earlier listed at a price of Rs 72,000 (Ex-sh Bangalore). Ampere Zeal price revision includes FAME II incentives. Ampere EVs, is now a Greaves Cotton initiative. Ampere was taken over by Greaves Cotton in August 2018. This happened after Greaves Cotton increased its stake in Ampere from 67 percent to 81 percent.

Ampere electric scooter prices
New prices are post FAME subsidy implementation and 5% GST.

Ampere is focused on bringing sustainable, affordable and clean mobility solution for last mile connectivity. Especially more to folks in tier-II and tier-III cities where the public transport system is even less developed than in bigger cities. Ampere will electrify the personal and business transportation needs of all customers with a wide range of Electric Mobility solutions.

The price benefit is across the vehicle portfolio and ranges from 2k – 5k depending on vehicle base price. New price list stands as follows – Zeal which benefits from Fame II subsidy benefits most at 5k. The drop in price for Zeal is clubbed with FAME II subsidy making the made in India electric scooter gain much in terms of current pricing.

Reo La, Magnus, and V-48 LI, all cost 3k lower now. With that, Rea La cost 40k, down from 43k; Magnus cost 45k, down from 48k; and V-48 LI costs half a lakh, down from 53k earlier. Reo Li benefit stands at 3.5k, down to 52.5k from 56k earlier. The benefit on V-48 LA is 2k, down to 34k after GST reduction from an earlier price of 36k.

In supporting EVs, GST council has also reduced GST rate on charger or charging stations for electric vehicles from 18 per cent to 5 per cent. Both price revisions have been in effect since August 1, 2019. The latest development helps reduce the cost of EVs compared to ICE vehicles resulting in immediate price gap contraction.

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