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Anand Mahindra’s Epic Reply to this tweet, wins the internet

Anand Mahindra, Executive Chairman of the Mahindra Group, tweeted a brilliant response to a tweet by Siddhant Khanna. Mr Mahindra recently tweeted a picture of a Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage (2006) with a line added that this was one cage he would like to be imprisoned in. Siddhant Khanna’s tweet to the business tycoon was why Mahindra doesn’t buy the car if he liked it so much.

Mahindra’s humorous and somewhat startling reply was -“We bought the company instead…(Pininfarina)” while he added a smiley at the end. Now very few are aware that the Mahindra Group had purchased the Italian car design firm Pininfarina in December 2015.

Mahindra’s excellent reply to buying the entire company instead of just the car he tweeted about, has seen him receive many accolades on social media. While one comment said ‘Such a boss reply’, another said “Take a bow sir. One of the finest responses I read on Twitter till date,” while one Twitter user went on to say “L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y”.

We think Tweeters will do their homework first and think twice before taking on Anand Mahindra after this.

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