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Android users better drivers than iPhone users says Dash Score

Data collected by Dash through testing over 18 months across 1,000,000 miles in 30 countries and 1,000s of car models has resulted in interesting ‘Dash Score’. It found that drivers with Android phone drove better than iPhones, the West Coast drove better than the East, and in the battle of genders, women were better drivers than men.

Dash is making moves to make every car on the road a ‘smart car’. Dash’s smartphone app now on Android and Google Play and soon for iPhone lets drivers connect their car to their phone, and analyze driving behaviour. When analysed, thsi data is used to help a driver improve driving. The greater goal remains to makes roads safer, greener, more affordable and more social.

Dash claims to make your car like KITT, from the TV show Knight Rider. Using an On-Board Diagnostic unit (OBD II, which retails as low as $10), Dash connects your phone to your car wirelessly via Bluetooth. The system will work on any car on the road since 1996.

Dash will score your driving (out of 100), based on behaviour like hard breaking or over-acceleration. The software lets your car talk to you about any engine issues and will alert you about anything wrong in real time, its severity and cost to fix the issue at nearby mechanics.

Dash intends to help you save money by providing feedback on better driving and maintenance that to positively effect your spending on fuel, repairs and maintenance. Dash guidance also includes suggestion of cheapest gas nearby.

Jamyn Edis, CEO – “At Dash, we passionately believe that we can use technology to improve safety and the environmental impact of driving, all while saving drivers money. Every year in the US, 35,000 people will die on the roads, with nearly 4m injured in accidents. (NHTSA) – that’s too many. We can also help drivers save an average of $1,500 per year on running costs, while reducing emissions (EPA). With a free app and $10 device, it pays for itself within a week.”

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