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ANGRY BIRDS GO! soapbox karts, super-fly cars and race tracks

Angry Birds Go! has been available in app stores since 11th December, 2013. In their newest avatar, both birds and pigs are way more mobile and use high-octane downhill racing, upgradable karts, and have special powers.

Getting from one stage to another sees birds and pigs fling down the track and race to the finish line. Treacherous roads, plenty of mischief, and unique special powers are all in play to tackle the race leader behind the pack. Upgrades can take you from homemade soapbox car to a super-fly car.

Angry Birds Go! is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Hasbro’s TELEPODS also appear in the game, so you can teleport your favorite karts into the game. You can race as Red, Chuck, Stella, King Pig, and other characters.

“Angry Birds Go! is our first major free-to-play Angry Birds game, and while we’re super excited to step into this new territory, we’re also staying true to our roots,” said Jami Laes, the Executive Vice President of Games at Rovio Entertainment. “As with every previous Angry Birds game, there’s lots of free content and we have great new updates already planned – including the eagerly awaited arrival of multiplayer. Our main goal is to provide an amazing experience with more than enough content to make sure everyone has a blast. We do offer some really awesome premium content for fans who want a bit more, but we’ve designed the game so that you don’t have to pay to have a great time. The soft launch in select markets has helped us figure out what’s working well.”

“With one million Angry Birds Star Wars TELEPODS figures sold within a month of becoming available, the TELEPODS line is one of the hottest toys for the holidays and Hasbro continues to deliver a seamless physical to digital play experience with the new Angry Birds Go! TELEPODS line,” said John Frascotti, Chief Marketing Officer, Hasbro, Inc. “Rovio has developed a fantastic new property with Angry Birds Go! and we look forward to fans enjoying the new TELEPODS line as well as the Angry Birds Go! JENGA games.”

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