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Angry Giraffe chases Jeep carrying tourists in Africa


A two and half tonne and 13 ft male Giraffe, angered by the presence of a 4×4 Jeep gave chase, frightening the tourists on animal safari in Africa. The video here reveals the rare footage.

Angry Giraffe chases Jeep carrying tourists in AfricaThe report from DailyMail reveals that the male Giraffe was upset due to hormonal imbalance. This 13 feet tall male Giraffe chased the tourists for over two miles, and also managed to smash the wing mirror

Luckily, no one was hurt in the pursuit, but it did leave tourists in the South African savannah shaken and terrified. The chase footage here resembles a scene from Hollywood movie Jurassic Park, with the giant T Rex chasing cars.

During the rampage, the right wing mirror was damaged but fortunately none of the tourists received any physical injuries. The adept cameraman, Rainer Schimpf, scared, but unwilling to let such a rare occurrence pass-by without taping, managed to capture the chase.

The Giraffe saw the tourist vehicle and walked towards it. Once guests felt the fear, the driver started the engine and took off, which triggered the Giraffe and he gave chase. He also managed to catch up with the vehicle and knock its right wing mirror.

This was not the first time that the Giraffe was known to behave oddly in the park. The park officials always ask their visitors to keep an eye open and keeping safe distance from wild animals while in the jungle.


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