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Municipal Engineers thrown into pothole by angry residents (Photos & Video)

Residents in Karnataka’s Koppal town, fed up with the apathy shown by municipal authorities in the area, had no other recourse but to teach them a lesson the hard way.

Despite repeatedly drawing the attention of local municipal authorities to bad roads and water logging, along with a series of accidents that have occurred in the area, municipal engineers failed to take cognizance of the issue.

Recently, a biker skidded and fell due to one of the many potholes while an elderly motorist from the neighborhood also fell into the same pothole and received some injuries. The issue was getting out of hand and potholes on Bengaluru’s roads have been increasing due to increased population, rising number of vehicles besides the onset of the monsoons.

Potholes in Koppal. Image - India Today

Potholes in Koppal. Image – India Today

A series of complaints on the issue finally motivated the local municipal engineers enough to go visit the site. But instead of dealing with the problem on hand, locals in the area dragged the engineers into the water filled potholes to teach them a lesson. These potholes have been created due to underground drainage work that has been extended beyond reasonable time limit which has resulted in a total collapse of the road in the area.

Potholes in Koppal. Image - India Today.

Potholes in Koppal. Image – India Today.

The reaction of residents and way in which municipal engineers visiting the site have been treated, is testimony of the frustration of local residents. They have found their complaints falling on deaf ears and the many accidents that have occurred due to the municipality turning a blind eye to the problems on hand.

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  • That is not a pot hole. It looks like a bomb crater. Municipality shows a blind eye to this problem? Seriously?.. This is not only the fault of Municipal Engineers alone. Their superiors, subordinates and the whole system is insolent and corrupt. Govt is reluctant to perform a simple operation like patching a hole then how can they deal with more larger critical issues?

    People may throw them in or bury or burn and destroy anything they feel right in order to protest but nothing is going to make a significant change in the system. The officials are getting too much salary, too much holiday benefits with a concrete job security are getting too lazy and too much time with too little work to do. That is why we get to experience things like this all over India.

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