Apple car codenamed Titan, could look like Ford 021C concept car?

What could eventually be called Apple iCar is codenamed Titan, according to reports. The whole news of Apple designing an electric car is still a conjecture, but that is usually as far one can go about learning Apple’s future products before they actually unveil.

Ford 021C concept car Apple Titan
Ford 021C concept car designed by Marc Newson and unveiled at 1999 Tokyo Motor Show.
A few days ago, Wall Street Journal said that hundreds of employees are already dedicated to Apple car project. Given that one of the brand’s star designers is Marc Newson, who has a history of designing a concept car, it is possible that he was hired to be an instrumental member of Apple Titan project. In September 2014, Apple announced that Newson will be joining Apple in Jonathan Ive’s team who is the Senior Vice President of Design and close friend of Newson’s for years.

Newman’s attempt at designing a car was the Ford 021C concept showcased at Tokyo Motor Show in 1999. The model was widely appreciated, but was designed purely as a stilled exercise and was never intended for production. It was named after the car’s Pantone orange colour. It had seats that swivelled on pedestals and cabin was illuminated extensively with LED lighting which was a novelty then.

But WSJ suggests that the iPhone maker’s first car will look more like a minivan and not like a standard hatchback or sedan. However, Ford 021C’s styling DNA could seep into Apple Titan.