Apple iPhone 6S survives a Ducati burnout – Video

The exponential growth of smartphone using population worldwide has resulted in two things: 1. More and more smartphones are being launched everyday. 2. More and more smartphone reviewers are mushrooming on Youtube, each with his/her own twisted ‘reviewing’ methods to garner attention.

The destructive testing has become a proven way to make your smartphone review video go viral. We have seen drop tests, water tests, scratch tests and even tests involving pets playing with the phones. Why Rushlane is talking about smartphones you ask? Well, the latest destructive test involves a Ducati 916 sportsbike doing a burnout of its slick rear tyre on the surface of an Apple iPhone 6s’ screen!

Apple iPhone 6s Bike Burnout Test – Video

The reviewer apparently was so enthusiastic about the idea of the burnout test that he actually went ahead and created a snug fitting jig for the device on a specially made burnout platform! Interestingly, even after being subjected to a superbike’s burnout, the phone’s pressure sensitive Retina HD display continued to work. Yes, the screen suffered a permanent damage the size of the tyre’s contact patch but the device was still responding to inputs.

We still don’t know what exactly is the point the reviewer is trying to make that is worth sacrificing a very expensive smartphone but just don’t try it on your smartphone!

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