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Apple Watch features BMW i App, will Audi and Mercedes join the game?

apple-watch-bmw-i-appWe can’t help but think of luxury cars with exhilarating metal crafting, that premium leather seats introducing to a level of comfort and bliss, and finally the power train & steering acting as operating system to browse through nature’s gifts while testing laws of motion and speed; wouldn’t it be cool if luxury car makers joined hands with wearable luxury gadget makers to give complete satisfaction to mutual customers? It would and it is happening.

Apple watch, set to be launched in early 2015, is already working with BMW, or BMW is working with Apple, either way, to create an App that acts as interface / instrument console or beyond with new BMW i3 and more cars in future. During Apple Watch unveil, BMW i App was previewed showing battery charge level of fully electric BMW i3, along with estimated range remaining (miles) and doors locked notification. There are 8 screens in BMW i App, which would have detailed information on the car such as usage statistics, diagnostics and infotainment system control. BMW i App is also expected to have the facility of pinning down location of where the car was parked and guide the user to the location.

Soon, rest of luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Audi could join the game and bring whole new level of interactive features between Apple Watch and their pride on wheels, setting off a new trend in the market.

BMW-2-Series-CabrioletMeanwhile, BMW recently revealed 2 Series Cabriolet which shows off new LED door projector. Opening of each door will activate the projection of BMW stamp on whatever thats underneath. While this is very cool to look at, it does make a lot of people wonder why it is needed.

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