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New Skoda Octavia RS gets APR tuning in India – 350 hp, 500 Nm, 277 kmph (Video)

Launched earlier this year, the new Skoda Octavia RS is the fastest ever Octavia India has seen. The car has always been popular with enthusiasts in India. The first batch of Skoda Octavia RS is sold out in India.

If you want to buy one, you can only get one next year. If you are wondering why is there a queue to buy a Skoda sedan which costs more than Rs 25 lakhs, it is due to its brilliant engine and its capabilities to allow tuning. The 2.0l TSI (EA888 Gen3 engine) has a lot of scope for tunability left, and one such example is already going through a series of mods. Below is a short video of India’s first APR Tuned Skoda Octavia RS, doing 277 kmph.

The Bangalore based owner of this Skoda Octavia RS, Rahul Raghunath Kodidini got the following stages of mods done –

APR Stage 2 Remap
APR Conical Air Filter
APR Carbon Fibre Intake with oil catch can.
APR Turbo Muffler delete
APR Downpipe

This build will be further pushed to stage 3 after confirming reliability tests in the real world usage.

The job was carried out by Bangalore based Harmonixx Audio. They are the authorized dealer for APR Hardware & Remaps in India. The car in the video above, now dishes out 340 bhp and 550 Nm Torque. You can connect with folks at Harmonixx on their Facebook Page Harmonixx Car Audio LLP.