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Areeb Naseem’s fastest ride from East to North India (Kolkata to Leh) in under 50 hours

Areeb Naseem is a determined lad. A few months earlier, his friend, Sohail Khan planned to ride across India (29 States with 5 Union Territories) in under 24 days. It seemed impossible but he did it in 23 days and sealed his name in the Limca Book of Records. That’s been Areeb’s biggest inspiration till date.

Areeb Naseem, a 21 year old is a student pursuing a Diploma in Special Education. The Delhi lad, an only boy to his parents enjoys travelling, and motorbikes are his passion. In his words, ‘I am that type of guy who loves motorbikes a lot. I used to improve my skills day by day since I did ride for the very first time.’

Areeb rode to Ladakh one time, and followed it up with many more rides to north India. The most adventurous was to go to Spiti in winter. People called it white Spiti. That experience was awesome.

Areeb Naseem wished to do something big, which made him and his family proud, and was looking for a national record to establish. A conversation with India Book of Records helped determine that the ‘Fastest East India To North India’ within 50 hours would make a national record. That helped him set a goal. He shared his ride plan with Sohail who helped with a backup team because of his vast riding experience. A route map was decided alongwith what was the best time to leave from Kolkata, and when he would reach Delhi. The average riding speed was decided upon. The determination paid off and Areeb concluded his ride in 47 hours and 20 minutes. Here’s his route map tracking link.

Long distance rides and such extreme record attempts require both physical and mental fitness. Areeb Naseem maintained a diet plan lest he felt hungry or weak during his ride. The meal plan included consumption of energy bars, energy drinks, and dry fruits, which are required to keep fit during such an extreme ride.

To help with endurance, he did was a tri-nation ride with friends to Nepal – Sikkim – Bhutan between 24th August, 2017 – 10th September, 2017. This ride helped prepare for his record attempt w, which was to follow. the tri-nation ride was completed in 16 days or so, and was a challenge for him.

Ride experience as told to us by Areeb Naseem: Kolkata to Delhi: Kolkata-Dhanbad-Aurangabad-Varanasi-Allahabad-Kanpur-Agra-Delhi

I started my ride at 7:38pm on 12th September 2017 from KOLKATA towards DELHI by following this route map. I rode all over night without taking any halt apart from refueling my bike at every 130-160 kilometers. I didn’t take any halt on my ride for anything till Delhi. I got a thunderstorm and rainy weather at Aurangabad- Varanasi patch. That’s why I had to slow down my speed due to bad weather conditions but I didn’t want to give up due to that weather so I carried on my ride with a sufficient speed, After Varanasi the weather was all good. Road conditions were much better than east India, and I reached Agra by 11:10am in the morning.

At Yamuna Expressway

I called my friend Sohail to told him that I have been reached AGRA and I’ll be in DELHI by 1:00pm so that he would talk to KTM service station, NOIDA for fastest checkup of my bike, Then I reached service station by 1:15pm and my entire backup team {ROHIT CHOPRA, SOHAIL KHAN, SYED SHIRAZ ALI} was there. Mechanic did all the checkup of my bike like chain lubricant, chain tightening, Disc Pads, Top up Engine Oil etc for the further journey. I got my bike at 3:15pm.

After that I went to home because my parents were waiting for me since 20 days. And I had to unload some useless stuff from my bike which I have been carrying from last 20 days for the trio ride.

My Parents wished me good luck for further journey. Then I left Delhi at 4:55pm

Areeb Naseem’s ride from Delhi to Leh: Delhi-Karnal-Ambala-Chandigarh-Mandi-Manali-Keylong-Sarchu-Pang-Leh

As you know I left Delhi at 4:55pm so I reached Kurukshetra by 7:45pm and I took a power nap for one and half an hour at one of my friend Somansh Chawla’s house, then I started my ride at 10:00pm from Kurukshetra to LEH. I again met with a rainy weather when I was moving from Mandi to Manali. After some kilometers when I crossed Kullu then I was not expected the road conditions. I went there last year but last year the road conditions were fine but this time it would be not good for my fastest ride. The road conditions were very bad, the whole patch was in under construction and it took more than usual time. Then somehow I reached Manali at 05:38am in the morning. When I reached there I was feeling cold there and then I took a short brake there, because of regular ride I was feeling little bit tired that’s why I took a pause and make me feel warm by put my jacket’s thermal layer back and changing my gloves so that I would be more comfortable over there.

Then I started my ride towards LEH and I reached GULABA CHECKPOST at 6:32 in the morning. Then I showed my permit to that check post because I wanted to move forward as soon as possible and I got my permit earlier through the internet and I covered GULABA-ROHTANG-KHOKSAR in one and half an hour then I reached KHOKSAR check post and showed my permit again there at 8:10am as you can see on this picture.

Then I covered the road which include some off road patches and sometimes smooth. I just wanted to cover the more distance in less time because I was travelling from more than 36 hours, So then I reached TANDI at 9:11am which is the last refueling station before ‘LEH’.

I moved to DARCHA after DARCHA the road conditions were at their worst situation in comparatively to last year, which was not expected. The distance from DARCHA TO PANG is 152 kilometers. You can cover 150 kilometers of the mountains in just 3 to 4 hours but you can’t imagine the road conditions, that patch took my 6 hours to reach PANG from DARCHA. That was the most time consuming patch of my whole journey although I rode from Kolkata so I was feeling headache and had pain in my hands due to rough patches but I didn’t pause my ride because it was my endurance test. Headache was severe due to high altitude because I came from lower altitude to higher altitude in just
20 hours so I had to stop my bike at BHARATPUR for having some energy bars to make me feel energized.

I covered 195 kilometers till now from TANDI and my bike was going in reserve so I had to refuel it as soon as possible then I found petrol over there and I did buy 10 liter petrol from the local person, Petrol was too expensive there that cost me 110Rs/liter. After PANG road conditions were good till LEH, after crossing MOREE PLAINS I started climbing for TANGLANGLA PASS, I met with an extreme wind blast and Bone Freezing temperature over there. I wore warm gloves thermal layer under my jacket, woolen socks even after I was feeling too cold there, somehow I moved from there and after descending down the temperature was fine.

Then finally I Reached my destination LEH (LADAKH) at 7:00pm, 14th SEPTEMBER 2017. I took a photo of my last fuel slip at LADAKH FUEL STATION.

After a long no-network zone, my phone got their networks back in Leh, and I received a missed call alert message from my backup team Sohail Khan.

Then I called him and had a word with him that I reached Leh safely by 7:00 pm and I’ll update my GPS location after
connecting my phone with wifi of hotel. Here is my TRACKING LINK and MAP. https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=15e9159961aad4eba7&hoursPast=0&showAll=yes

Words of caution and advice from Areeb Naseem:
• I didn’t take any single risk on my entire journey.
• I have completed my ride with support and wishes of my parents, friends, College Professors and my entire
• I didn’t break any rule on this ride.
• This ride is for checking my Endurance.
• Special thanks to my Backup Team (Sohail Khan, Rohit Chopra, Syed Shiraz Ali) for everything, it was not possible without their Guidance and Help.


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