Armless man in India drives Maruti Celerio AMT, wants a driving license

Vikram Agnihotri, who lost both his hands at the age of 7 due to an accident, wishes to procure a permanent driving license. He proved to the authorities at Indore Regional Transport Office that he was as adept behind the wheel as any person with hands as he steered the vehicle with his right foot, while his left foot managed both accelerator and brake.

Not convinced of his driving skills, Vikram Agnihotri invited RTO Chief, MP Singh and Deputy Transport Commissioner for a ride. He has modified his car and fitted it with an invalid carriage. He drove from Vijay Nagar following instructions being offered by RTO officials but despite his best efforts, the RTO is wary of issuing him a permanent driving license.

armless man drives car
Vikram Agnihotri driving his Maruti Celerio AMT. We can see in the video that he can drive the car well in a controlled environment, but what happens when there if a sudden manoeuvre is required? Like most of the times car and bike users experience on Indian roads.

Agnihotri has visited many countries and seen disabled persons driving cars with utmost ease. He has even purchase an Maruti Celerio AMT to make things easier while all this will get him nowhere unless the RTO authorities issue him a license. When contacted, Additional RTO Archana Mishra confirmed that the driving test carried out by Agnihotri was under the invalid carriage (IVC) norms. A report is being prepared and will be sent to the Transport Commissioner in Bhopal while it will be left to him to take decisions as to whether a permanent driving license should be issued or not.


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