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Army truck rear-ends Honda Mobilio RS in Pune: Cops say they are exempted from being punished for such offences

The incident happened in Pune at Parvati Villa traffic signal on 8th July 2015. Ranjeeta Kaur was returning home after picking up her daughter from St Mary’s School at 2.30 pm when she was rudely shocked to find her Honda Mobilio RS rear ended by a massive military truck.

Ranjeeta’s Honda Mobilio RS after the accident.

Kaur’s only fault was stopping dutifully at a red signal light while the military truck ignored such rules and regulations and smashed into the rear of the vehicle. Such was the impact that her Mobilio’s rear was severely damaged while her 9 year old daughter and house-help, who were sitting on the rear seats, had a narrow escape. They only suffered a sprain in the neck due to the sudden impact.

The Military vehicle Honda Mobilio accident resulted in shards of glass pieces everywhere, visibly shaken up occupants and a badly damaged rear end but it failed to have any impact on the law. The driver of the military vehicle refused to step down from his lofty position and even tried to escape from the scene. Kaur quickly snapped photos of the vehicle and driver getting the vehicle’s number plate as evidence. Kaur also made sure that the driver was unsuccessful in getting away.

Senior army officials arrived on the scene who as per Kaur were unapologetic. Instead, they told Kaur that she was wasting her time as no action can be taken against army men on duty. Not deterred, Kaur approached the traffic cops who were on duty at the same signal. Even though she completed all the necessary formalities she was told by the Officer filing the complaint that she would be wasting her time as the army was practically untouchable in such sort of offences!!!

Not accepting defeat, Kaur has shared the entire experience along with images on her Facebook page. The post has already received over 3,300 shares in less than 18 hours. But, there is no response from the cops or army yet.


Ranjeeta has deleted her Facebook post as proper action has been taken by concerned authorities. Army has also helped her file the case, which was not being filed earlier. She has also been compensated for the damages.

By doing this, Indian Army has proved that no one is above the law. Thank you.

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